Ahmadi-nejad is the bigger man

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“We have every right to put these people on trial,” Mr Ahmadinejad asserted.

“But I want to give them as a present to the British people to say they are all free.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad awards medals to coast guard commanders

The British government was not even brave enough to tell their people the truth
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

“I’m asking Mr Blair to not put these 15 personnel on
trial because they admitted they came to Iranian territorial water,” he
added, referring to taped “confessions” made by the British sailors and

Britain says the 15 were in Iraqi waters under a UN
mandate when they were captured nearly two weeks ago. It says the
confessions were extracted under duress.

“I ask Mr Blair: Instead of occupying the other
countries, I ask Mr Blair to think about the justice, to think about
the truth and work for the British people not for himself,” Mr
Ahmadinejad said.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iranians release British sailors


Whites overrepresented in the military

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VDARE.com: 04/03/07 – National Data: The Color of Cannon Fodder: Whites Bearing Burden in Iraq

The urban/rural death gap is the subject of a study sponsored by the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey Institute, which specializes in overlooked parts of the country. Among the findings: “The death rate for rural soldiers (24 per million adults aged 18 to 59) is 60 percent higher than the death rate for those soldiers from cities and suburbs (15 deaths per million).” [William O’Hare and Bill Bishop, “U.S. Rural Soldiers Account for a Disproportionately High Share of Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Carsey Institute, Fall 2006. PDF]

Anti-Christian Amerikwa is the fault of secular humanists (but not really)

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The American Spectator

This manipulation of public opinion is at work as we speak. Is the practice of infanticide called abortion a political hot potato? If so, it’s the fault of the followers of Jesus, and not those who actually take innocent life. Are diseases like AIDS killing thousands? Don’t look to those who encourage sexual licentiousness; blame the Catholic Church for not handing out condoms in Africa. Terrorism? Merely payback for Christian-American repression and/or the Crusades.

Iraq gets more dangerous as Turkey takes note of the suppression of ethnic Turks in Kirkuk

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Turkmen businessmen have been the silent victims of the war in northern Iraq. They have become targets in efforts to intimidate the Turkmen people, in the hope of driving them out of historically and ethnically mixed Kirkuk.

Lindsay Graham is (still) a cunt

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Senator Lindsey Graham – American Traitor and Member of the “Tan Klan”. « The Slow Steady Drip

Le Pen to “. . . smash the system”

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Le Pen secures surprise support from Muslims | International News | News | Telegraph

It is the system that is racist and Le Pen is the only one capable of smashing the system,” he said.

Oy vey, our lies about the Nazis aren’t woiking!

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 Neo-Nazis living in especially east German states have managed to develop grassroots organizations which are hard for authorities to detect.

Neighborhood groups, cultural and sports clubs and information centers have sprung up and are used to brainwash people with Nazi propaganda.

Other programs include children and street festivals, traditional German dancing, mountain hiking and skiing trips as well summer camps.

As part of this strategy, women have become ardent campaigners for neo-Nazi causes, forming their own “Kameradschaft” networks to promote “racial purity” and National Socialism.

Named after clubs formed by Nazi war veterans, these networks provide a forum for women to meet every week and engage in ideological training and political organizing.

While far-right attacks are no longer making headlines in the press, neo-Nazi campaigners are skillfully displaying their friendly image in the media and are gaining more and more supporters.

German neo-Nazi crimes hit new record level By Saeid Najar Nobari – Irna