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Oy vey, our lies about the Nazis aren’t woiking!

April 2, 2007

 Neo-Nazis living in especially east German states have managed to develop grassroots organizations which are hard for authorities to detect.

Neighborhood groups, cultural and sports clubs and information centers have sprung up and are used to brainwash people with Nazi propaganda.

Other programs include children and street festivals, traditional German dancing, mountain hiking and skiing trips as well summer camps.

As part of this strategy, women have become ardent campaigners for neo-Nazi causes, forming their own “Kameradschaft” networks to promote “racial purity” and National Socialism.

Named after clubs formed by Nazi war veterans, these networks provide a forum for women to meet every week and engage in ideological training and political organizing.

While far-right attacks are no longer making headlines in the press, neo-Nazi campaigners are skillfully displaying their friendly image in the media and are gaining more and more supporters.

German neo-Nazi crimes hit new record level By Saeid Najar Nobari – Irna


Sampson: suicide terrorist

March 29, 2007

hat tip: Stan from VNN Arts – Victoria choir’s Samson a suicide bomber

The Victoria Philharmonic Choir is creating a stir with its version of Handel’s Samson oratorio.

The choir’s version of the classic story turns the Biblical tale on its head by portraying Samson as a suicide bomber in 1946 Jerusalem.

The change is the idea of artistic director Simon Capet, who told CBC Radio he wants to “get people talking about music.”

The oratorio has the familiar music written in 1741 by George Frideric Handel with the same words, but the time and setting have been changed.

Capet said he grew up in IRA-era Britain and lost college acquaintances on Pan Am 103, which was bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988.

He said he was struck by the pervasiveness of these violent acts throughout history.

“Why do we repeat the same mistakes over again?” he wondered.

Samson is an examination of a political and personal struggle, but updated to make it more relevant to modern audiences by drawing parallels with ongoing conflict in the Middle East, he said.

“Samson could be any ‘freedom fighter’,” Capet said.

The Biblical story tells of a man with superhuman strength, who is a caught by his enemies in a moment of weakness over the woman Delilah.

He is chained in the temple by the Philistines and forced to witness a sacreligious act. He pulls down the temple, killing himself and thousands of others in the process.

Capet has moved the story to 1946 Palestine, when ultra-Zionist bombers were battling the British on land that would later become Israel.

In this version, Samson doesn’t pull down a temple, but does bomb the King David Hotel, an actual attack by militant Zionists that took place in 1946.

Christian Church going up in Qatar

March 26, 2007

Al Jazeera English – News

Jews say jump, government says: “How many goyim should we arrest?”

March 26, 2007

LONDON, Mar 25, 2007 (UPI via COMTEX) — The British government is expected to
reveal a plan this week regarding how it will deal with increasing reports of
anti-Semitism on university campuses.

In the wake of recent reports of religious intolerance on British campuses, the
government will begin by asking all university heads to institute a zero
tolerance policy regarding academics attacking Israel, the Times of London

A 2006 report from European minister Denis McShane presented to Prime Minister
Tony Blair revealed that universities have become a breeding ground for
anti-Semitism in recent years.

“During our evidence sessions we heard of Jewish students having anti-Semitic
graffiti scrawled on their doors, and of extremist Muslim groups being invited
to speak on campuses,” his report said.

The Times said the government is expected to push for increased recording of
such incidents and support contact with Israeli academics.


Boston – Britain to tackle campus anti-Semitism

British sailors are taking a much-deserved break from Jewish tyranny

March 26, 2007

BBC NEWS | UK | Seized sailors are ‘fit and well’

The 15 Royal Navy personnel who were seized four days ago are fit and well, Iran has told the Foreign Office.

Whittman posts a wonderful article on the current unrest in Pakistan

March 22, 2007

The American Spectator

Arabs and Muslims hate Jews because they know Jews

March 20, 2007

‘Palestinian Authority is Capital of Anti-Semitism’ – Jewish World – Israel News – Arutz Sheva

( The most ant-Semitic political entity is the Palestinian Authority, says Haifa University’s Prof.

David Bukai at the Fourth Annual Jerusalem Conference. Acclaimed columnist Caroline Glick and anti-Semitism researcher Prof. Robert Westreich also spoke.

Middle Eastern affairs expert Dr. David Bukai of Haifa University, speaking Monday at a Conference session on anti-Semitism in Europe and the Islamic world, said that anti-Semitism in Egypt and particularly in the Palestinian Authority is much more worrisome and significant than in Europe.

Bukai compared the situation today with that of the Nazi days: “The world’s indifference to the Iranian threats is exactly as it was towards Hitler’s threats. Academia in those days supported the Munich agreement of capitulation – and today it’s the same story, with appeasement once again leading the way… Extremist Islam wants to bring the modern world back to the 7th century. They say this openly – not like the Nazis, who tried to hide their intentions.”