Racial reality hits home

The World Economic Forum reports that the U.S. has lost it’s position as “technology king.”  As the U.S. darkens, its edge in the technology sector will continue to collapse.  Here, all but one listing in the top ten of “networked readiness” are inhabited primarily by Whites.  Singapore is easily dismissed as an anomaly by virtue of the fact that there are only about 3 million inhabitants (Singapore is basically a city-state).  Still, those inhabitants are East Asian, who always fare well in the “racist” research showing racial reality.  Oddly, none of our African equals show up in any of the technology indicators–unless one counts Nigerian email scams.

1: Denmark (3)
2: Sweden (8)
3: Singapore (2)
4: Finland (5)
5: Switzerland (9)
6: Netherlands (12)
7: US (1)
8: Iceland (4)
9: UK (10)

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