There is blood on the walls at Kirksville Today

Oh dear God.  A beating this bad I haven’t seen since the third Punic War.  Libwanker delenda est.

  1. kville Said,

    March 27, 2007
    @ 3:38 pm

    go through Andrew’s letter and make some points, then he can have the
    last word if he wants. I won’t respond again, at least not to this

    You call my style lazy and clichéd as if yours is beyond reproach.

    That is a non sequitur. My specific criticisms are either valid or
    invalid. It is generally agreed that cliches are undesirable, and I
    concur with that view, although I do have a couple pets I like myself,
    such as “bottom line.”

    I say my writing is superior in that I can express a viewpoint without demeaning people

    This is called begging the question. Treated as settled the very
    matter I was contending – namely your unthinking use of what you have
    been conditioned to believe are neutral terms but in fact are smears.

    My use of epithets differs in that I use terms to reveal different
    aspects of the creature in question, but I never use them to forestall
    argument. I alway back up claims with facts, and always encourage
    people to double-check what I say. The jews who define The Agenda use
    epithets in place of arguments. They know their positions are not held
    by Normal White America, hence they must demonize resistant sectors
    with hand-crafted smears, and make sure the sheep are too scared to
    question the branding.

    “Haters, racists, homophobes, misogynists”? These are words without
    meanings – they are words that are not used to define things, but to
    conflate and confuse things. They aren’t so much words as bombs, to be
    thrown at any who would resist The Agenda. That’s true whether in using
    them you understand their function.

    You, and most, fling these verbal bombs without thinking about it –
    which is just what I’m trying to get you to do. Who says I’m a “hater”?
    Who says Fred Phelps is a “hater”? Who says those who want to shut down
    fag bars are “extremists” while those who want to open them are
    “tolerant”? Your not pondering these questions, and my attempting to
    get you to, is of a piece with your use of cliches. Now, maybe for
    comfort’s sake or some other reason you don’t want to question the
    status quo, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t questionable. At least be
    conscious that the labels you use perpetuate a system that is producing
    results which you may not even yet be fully aware of. You’ve never yet
    had to experience the costs of diversity. You’ve never yet been forced
    to work overtime because some lesbian of color couldn’t be fired,
    thanks to the prevailing structure of taboos – and laws. That day will
    come, I predict. Then you can remember that crazy nazi back in
    Kirksville, and begin to realize exactly what he was talking about. And
    that is this: the entire System we all live under – endless
    demonization and wars against nations who never attacked us; endless
    invasion of our nation from Mexico and other Third World hellholes;
    endless portrayal of whites as doofy/evil on tv — is set up to allow
    jews and ‘minorities’ (92% of the world) to feed on normal white men
    exactly like you and me. I guarantee there will come a day when you
    know exactly what I’m talking, either through your job or through your
    personal life. And that holds true for all the normal White men at TSU.
    And for the White women, too.

    and doling out venomous blame.

    Question is whether the blame is deserved, surely.

    But mine doesn’t. I don’t spend my nights wriggling in bed and
    gnashing my teeth in the name of the poor, mistreated white male, and
    neither does my audience. I don’t wallow in wet dreams about the
    long-overdue extermination of my neighbors on this planet. Neither does
    my audience.

    Your audience hasn’t yet felt the full weight of discrimination, but
    in time, most of it will. Right now you know Semitical Correctness as
    laughable leftism, shrugged off without too much problem. When you
    enter the corporate world, you will come to see things differently.

    I wonder what Channon Christian’s and Chris Newsom’s parents lie in
    bed wondering about? There are literally millions of violent attacks
    committed against Whites by coloreds each decade, and resisting that by
    finding a way to separate races is a reasonable, rational response to a
    situation that is no less terrible becaue the “mainstream” media
    pretend it doesn’t exist.

    Whatever. I can write like I’m jogging (is that with a soft ‘j’?)
    because I’m not consumed by a racist, misogynistic, homophobic agenda.

    That makes sense – if you’re right. If the current social set up, in
    which whites are portrayed against all facts as serial killers, child
    molesters and historical monsters, is good and correct, then it does
    make sense to use the System’s going labels to dismiss anyone who
    stands up for the race as evil racist haters. But if I’m right, then
    normal White men and women are in for a world of pain until the day the
    System disappears. Look around you. What do you see? I see nothing but
    dollar stores and check-into-cashes. I see invading Mexicans and nigger
    criminals spreading up from St. Louis and over from Kansas City.
    They’ll destroy this area like they’ve destroyed every other, once they
    have the numbers. That’s what’s actually going on in this state, and no
    commie-positive spin from Comrade Hilton (Marc Becker) can change the

    I would put it this way: Today Andrew happily accepts the
    ‘prevailing structure of taboos’ (Buckley) and uses the Sytem’s labels
    and smears without questioning whose benefit they serve. Andrew, do you
    realize that if witches were still being hunted, you’d just as happily
    and unthinkingly be calling racists witches?

    Don’t you think it’s a little bit odd that every group is allowed to
    protect itself and have racial pride — except Whites? Black pride,
    jewish pride, even queer pride, but not White pride. That is “hate.” Is
    that reasonable? I don’t think so. I think it’s telling that White
    pride is illegitimate at the same time as discrimination against Whites
    is approved by the Supreme Court.

    Why don’t you write about the horrific double rape/torture/murder of
    Channon Christian and Chris Newsom? Or about the twin anti-”hate” bills
    the ADL wrote for Congress, which will eliminate the first amendment if
    passed? Why not do those instead of another ritual denunciation of
    nazis who dare fight back against such?

    How else could you pick and choose your battles so well? You omit
    the presence of a white suspect in your retellings of the Kirksville
    hit-and-run incident. You mention a Jewish student accused of rape, but
    ignore the fact that his mug is on the Index front page. Do these facts
    clash with your allegations of misrepresentation and censorship?

    I believe I did mention that there was a possibly white Lousiana
    student involved with the nig’s hit and run. My point is that
    minorities, so-called, are a tiny fraction of Kirksville, yet seem to
    come pretty close to committing fifty percent of the felonies. You
    blame me for mentioning a Jewish student – but I never said Feldman was
    a jew, because I didn’t know that. I said that Feldman is often a
    jewish name. Whereas your ilk calls me a hater solely because we are
    the only ones talking about vicious hush crimes like the Channon/Newsom
    double rape/torture/murder. You call us obsessed for talking about
    thing that everyone else ignores, while focusing on stuff nobody cares
    about, like Anna Nicole Smith’s demise. The fact that Index put Feldman
    front and center – I didn’t see a single mention of the fact that he’s
    jewish, nor any contextual mention of the jewish history of White
    slavery. But that last would be far too much to hope for from high-end
    liberal-arts students.

    As far as reposting content goes, if that act isn’t a direct
    violation of copyright law, it’s at least considered to be pretty

    I don’t consider it classless. It’s a simple convenience for readers. No one will mistake KT for Index.

    Not much more to say. I didn’t say you were a bad writer, just that
    you ought to try harder, beginning with eliminating cliches. If you
    sharpen your thinking, your writing will improve. I’m not sure that’s
    what you want. Your words indicate otherwise. You want to remain
    untroubled in your assumption that the words most people use for most
    things are the right ones, set in place by God or Webster or some other
    unseen force that need never be questioned. But verily I say unto you,
    the adult world is much more interesting than the playground.

    If you follow the path of questioning, new vistas will open to you.
    Looking at things sideways, I like to call it. All of a sudden, you
    will find yourself beset by certain questions that never troubled you
    before. (Why is X a hater and Y a hero? Why is free association
    segregation, a moral evil, but coerced integration a “civil right”? )
    This is what an education means – a drawing-out. An entire world awaits
    unpacking in the term ‘hate.’

    Do you want to go down that path? I don’t know. But if I have any
    role in relation to TSU and its students, it’s in encouraging more to
    take the hard road.

    In any case, I appreciate your responding, Andrew.

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