Liberals are broken

Andrew Hawkins knelt and apologised

Saying sorry for slavery

merchant Sir John Hawkins was an infamous 16th century slave trader.
Now, 200-years on from the abolition of slavery, a descendent of
Hawkins has been to Africa to say sorry.

Speak for yourself.  I’m not sorry.  I didn’t keep slaves.  My family didn’t keep slaves.  My family, like many, experienced indentured servitude.  If you’ve ever documented your family tree, watch out for a gap of eight years upon their arrival to the United States.  Generally, that represents a period of slavery.

I’m sorry blacks were ever brought to the U.S.  I’m sorry that we have to deal with their ancestors committing  50X the violent crime as whites.  I’m sorry that these monkeys poured chlorine bleach down Channon Christian’s throat in a primitive attempt to “clean her mouth” (as this barbaric act was relayed in the press)

Reparations?  Sure.  Let’s get all the current slaves and slave-masters together and we’ll settle accounts.  On another thought, I would also be for reparations for blacks who returned to Africa.  Let’s call the whole thing off.  We can re-direct monies that now go to Israel for the cause.  Pull out of Iraq?  Hell, Amerikwa is far more dangerous for our people.


Cut and run!

Let my people go!

BBC – Saying sorry for slavery

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