Berlin zoo debuts ice bear

Cute Knut Superstar: Knut Woos the Crowds at First Public Appearance – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News

Berlin’s favorite polar baby has finally made his first appearance for the public. Cute Knut wooed an excited audience of children, zoo visitors and journalists at Berlin Zoo Friday. Unfazed by the attention, he explored the outdoor enclosure and displayed his affection for his carer.

At ten in the morning, anticipation was running high. “Knut come out! Knut come out!”, a group of children chanted impatiently.

Hundreds of Knut fans had made their way to Berlin Zoo on Friday
morning to witness the polar bear cub’s first public appearance.
Children, journalists and normal zoo visitors alike were gripped by
excitement as Berlin’s favourite bear finally emerged in the outdoor
bear enclosure.

. . .

Despite the hordes of visitors, photographers, and camera crews, Knut
the polar bear showed some real cool. Unfazed by all the attention, he
leisurely explored the outside enclosure, running across the grass
area, climbing up the rocks and dipping his paws into the water.

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