Arabs and Muslims hate Jews because they know Jews

‘Palestinian Authority is Capital of Anti-Semitism’ – Jewish World – Israel News – Arutz Sheva

( The most ant-Semitic political entity is the Palestinian Authority, says Haifa University’s Prof.

David Bukai at the Fourth Annual Jerusalem Conference. Acclaimed columnist Caroline Glick and anti-Semitism researcher Prof. Robert Westreich also spoke.

Middle Eastern affairs expert Dr. David Bukai of Haifa University, speaking Monday at a Conference session on anti-Semitism in Europe and the Islamic world, said that anti-Semitism in Egypt and particularly in the Palestinian Authority is much more worrisome and significant than in Europe.

Bukai compared the situation today with that of the Nazi days: “The world’s indifference to the Iranian threats is exactly as it was towards Hitler’s threats. Academia in those days supported the Munich agreement of capitulation – and today it’s the same story, with appeasement once again leading the way… Extremist Islam wants to bring the modern world back to the 7th century. They say this openly – not like the Nazis, who tried to hide their intentions.”

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