Glen Miller in an impromptu pwning of his congressman

Received Phone Call From US Congressman Roy Blunt (19 Mar) – Vanguard News Network Forum

His secretary said: “Hi, you’ve been selected to speak with Congressman Roy Blunt live during his town hall meeting. Press the pound key if you’d like to ask Congressman Blunt a question.” (I pressed and waited).And so I waited for 7-8 others to speak, then Blunt said: “A Mr Miller from Aurora, Missouri, your question please”.

Me: “Yes, I’m retired Army Master Sergeant Glenn Miller. Congressman Blunt, article 4, section 4 of the US Constitution states: “The US government shall protect each state from invasion.” Now then, Lou Dobbs and the Minute Men say that more than 30 million illegal aliens have invaded our country. My question to you is this. Since you have refused to enforce the US constitution, article 4, section 4, as you are sworn under oath to enforce, tell me why you shouldn’t be hanged for treason.”

NOTE: From that point on my voice was shut off, as he spoke the usual political bullshit answer, but that much got thru. I know because the next caller agreed with me, and Blunt replied: “Well at least you don’t want to hang me like the previous caller does.”

I’ve sent Blunt numerous emails over the years, and so I assume that’s how I got selected to participate in his so-called town hall meeting.

My day has been brightened, considerably.

Sieg Heil !!!

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