The U.N. is “antisemitic”

Opinion: Anti-Semitism is alive in U.N. resolutions

“Commie Jew traitor Blumner,” the handwritten letter began. “You ugly Jew swine bitch,” it shrieked, suggesting that Guantanamo be converted into an “Aushwitz style creamatorium” for people like me.

I get letters like this with varying degrees of venom. They always remind me that anti-Semitism is a virulent affliction that is very much alive.

I’d like to believe that the hatred of Jews was relegated to those who can’t spell – like my letter writer. Ignorant, shrivel-hearted people who stew over their own failures in life by blaming historic scapegoats. But the epidemic afflicts many, many more.

You might even call it the U.N. disease.

Just to be clear, I am not one of those wh

I wonder, if antisemitism is such an affliction, why do Jews want to put antisemites in jail?  We call alcoholism a “medical condition,” just the same, but we don’t throw them in jail.  To say the least, antisemitism is a curios affliction.

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