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Yahoo ratted out a Chinaman who posted pro-Democracy postings on Yahoo msg



Drug-dealing undercover officers kill concerned resident.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A man died late Saturday after what police described as an
exchange of gunfire with two undercover narcotics officers just off Philips
Highway in the South Metro area.

According to the Jacksonville
Sheriff’s Office, the detectives had been working undercover for about three
hours in the 2300 block of Westmont Street when a man approached them with a
gun just before 6 p.m. The officers said they identified themselves as police
and ordered the suspect to put down the gun.

Witnesses said that the man refused
to drop his gun and gunshots were exchanged. The man was shot several times.


“The man came out three times
and was like, ‘Why are you not moving out of my yard,'” a resident told
Channel 4’s Jennifer Bauer. “So after the third time that dude came out of
the house, he came with a .357 and started shooting at the individuals, which
were the undercover police. They started shooting back at him.”

Police said he died later at
Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center. The name of the man was not released
Saturday night.

Neighbors told Channel 4 that the
victim was an elderly man who was very protective of his property.

“You don’t expect somebody to
come pointing a gun at you, and once they do that, the officers will tell them
to drop the gun,” JSO Chief Dwain Senterfitt said. “We’re still
investigating what statements were made, but obviously, at that point, the
officers’ lives were in danger.”

The two officers took cover behind a
tree — which took at least one bullet — and were not injured.

The detectives were placed on
administrative leave, which is standard procedure while a police-involved
shooting is investigated.

This is the third fatal
police-involved shooting in three weeks. Last Saturday evening, Douglas Woods
was shot and killed by an undercover JSO narcotics officer who said Woods tried
to rob him at the Sabal Palms Apartments on Emerson Street.

“If look at them, all three of
these were people brandishing firearms, either shooting at or attempting to
shoot at police, and police respond like they are trained to do,”
Senterfitt said.

UN’s human right’s council opens permanent probe on Iz

The United Nation’s Human Rights Council is expected to place
Israel under permanent investigation for its “violations” of international law
in the territories – until such time as it withdraws to the pre-1967 border –
according to Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch. Neuer added that he
received that information from diplomatic sources.

It’s one of at least four anti-Israel actions he expects the council to take
during its fourth session, which started in Geneva on Monday and runs through
April 5, Neuer told The Jerusalem Post from

The UN body was created in June to replace the Human Rights Commission,
which was scrapped because it had a faulty membership composition and
repeatedly singled out Israel.

But since its inception, the 47-member body – which includes Cuba, Saudi
Arabia and China – has continued to single out the Jewish State. It has issued
eight anti-Israel resolutions, and none against any other nation. It has also
held three special sessions on Israel.

Neuer and Israel’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Yitzhak Levanon, said
they expected this session to continue in that same pattern, although the
council is also expected to discuss human rights abuses in other parts of the
world, including in Darfur, Sudan.

“I’m expecting there will be some clashes concerning Israel,” Levanon told
the Post.

From S.A. sucks.blogspot: Australia
Gets Ready to Evacuate its Citizens from Zimbaboonwe

Australia said on Thursday it was drawing up plans for a
possible evacuation of its citizens from Zimbabwe after the regime’s violent
crackdown on opposition politicians. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said the
government was concerned for the safety of about 700 Australians living in the
Southern African nation, where the situation was “going from awful to catastrophic.”
“We’re reviewing our contingency plans in relation to any evacuations of
Australians,” he told national radio. “We are very focused on this
crisis from that perspective.”
Downer urged neighbouring countries, particularly South Africa, to do more to
halt the violence and intimidation by President Robert Mugabe’s regime.
“They are the countries that can have influence on Zimbabwe and we will
continue to lobby them to be more decisive in the action they’re taking to
persuade the Zimbabweans to deal with their problems,” he said.
South Africa’s policy of quiet diplomacy had not succeeded, he said. “The
situation in Zimbabwe is going from awful to catastrophic and I have to say
there really has to be a much bigger effort from neighbouring countries.”
How about European countries evacuating Whites from South Africa? You think it
is going to be any different?

students, officials flock to AIPAC conference


The 6,000 partici-pants who have congreg-ated in Washin-gton
to participate in AIPAC’s annual policy conference have seen their numbers
boosted by a growing number of non-Jewish students and public officials.


Christian and historically black colleges which sent student
delegates to the three-day event grew by 25 percent this year, with 55 campuses
represented. The number of student government presidents jumped by a third, to
160 such representatives, the majority of whom are not Jewish.


Online video of the AIPAC conference, click


The program itself continues the tradition of holding
sessions on support for Israel among the African-American, Latino and Christian

NS In Taiwan:

TAIPEI — Israel Thursday voiced
concern to the Taiwanese government over the founding of a Nazi political
movement on the island, a foreign ministry official said.

The National Socialism Association
was set up by
university students who said that they were inspired by Adolf Hitler
and dissatisfied with persistent political squabbling
, according to
local newspaper reports.

The group Thursday claimed more than
1,000 members, according to its Web site.

Israel’s de facto Ambassador to
Taipei Raphael Gamzou expressed concern over the group.

“The ambassador voiced his concerns
when we met today [Thursday].
He hoped Taiwan could better educate its students and make them
understand the background of the Nazis
,” (ie. lie about them)
Anotonio Chen, head of the
foreign ministry’s West Asian Affairs Department, said.

Chen, meanwhile, urged his fellow
countrymen “to respect the
history of the other countries and not to apply salt to their wounds.”

nationalist groundswell picks up steam in Turkey

Posted March
15th, 2007 by
Tomorrow Belongs to Us


Turkish nationalism is now in ascendance. Public surveys
reveal an increased inclination in the general public’s voting behavior towards
nationalist parties, both right and left. In fact the left-right spectrum has
already lost its meaning for Turkish politics and left in its place the
universalist-localist scale (or globalized-protectionist or open-closed, if you
will). We have an ultra-nationalist religious party and an ultra-nationalist
socialist party. Universalism no longer has a definite address on the left or

Vey, Le Pen is in . . . time to begin the slander in earnest

Posted March
15th, 2007 by

World Views : It’s definite: France’s far-right Le Pen will run for president

He’s baaaaack… More precisely, he never really went away,
and until yesterday, many power holders in France’s political establishment and
level-headed voters around the country had been holding their breath to find
out whether or not the 78-year-old, ultra-right leader of the anti-immigrant,
France-for-the-French National Front, Jean-Marie Le Pen, would be running for
president or not this year.

also admits to killing Dan Pearl, sailors at Pearl Harbor

Posted March
15th, 2007 by

mastermind admits killing reporter | – Houston Chronicle

WASHINGTON — Suspected 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh
Mohammed confessed to the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl and was
central to 30 other attacks and plots in the U.S. and worldwide that killed
thousands of victims, said a revised transcript released Thursday by the U.S.

Germar Rudolf sentenced to 30 months for talking about his scientific

BERLIN: A 42-year-old German deported from the
United States was convicted Thursday of Holocaust denial and sentenced to 2 1/2
years in prison.

A state court in Mannheim found Germar Rudolf guilty of breaking laws
against denying the Holocaust by publishing a study claiming to prove that the
Nazis did not gas Jews at the Auschwitz concentration camp. He also distributed
his theories over the Internet, the court found.

“He represented the Holocaust as invention,” prosecutor Andreas
Grossmann said.

Rudolf was convicted in 1995 of Holocaust denial and sentenced to 14 months
in prison, but then disappeared. He applied for political asylum in the United
States in 2000, but was rejected and was deported in 2005 to serve the 1995

He was arrested when he appeared at an immigration office in Chicago to
apply for a green card based on his marriage to a U.S. citizen.

He was charged again in April, 2006, with “systematically” denying
or playing down the Nazi genocide of Europe’s Jews in documents and on the
Internet, and of stirring anti-Semitic hatred.

Former French PM accuses “Israeli

PARIS (EJP)— Former French Prime
Minister Raymon Barre has sparked an uproar within the Jewish community after
accusing “the Jewish lobby” of making “a scapegoat” of Maurice Papon, a French
senior official who signed deportation orders for hundreds of Jews in the
Bordeaux region during WWII.

In an interview last week with France Culture, a state-run radio station, Barre
also said that “opposing the deportation of Jews had not been a matter of
“major national interest.”

CRIF, the umbrella of French Jewish secular organizations, said it was
“scandalized” by the comments, adding that Barre “had joined the

Historian and film director Claude
Lanzmann accused Barre of being “an anti-Semite”.

A senior official under the wartime Vichy government, Papon was sentenced to 10
years in jail in 1998 for his role in organising the deportation of hundreds to
Nazi extermination camps.

During his six-month trial, the longest in French history, Papon came to
symbolize France’s collaboration with the Nazis.

He was convicted of complicity in crimes against humanity, after the court
rejected his plea that he was a civil servant following instructions from

He was released in 2002 on medical grounds and died last month aged 96.

Moral judgement

The radio interview initially focused on Papon’s guilt. Asked if he understands
that it is possible for someone to be guilty of not disobeying, Barre said:
“When you have essential responsibilities in a department, a region or even
more at the national level, you don’t resign. You only resign when it is truly
a question of major national interest.”

“Mr Papon became a scapegoat. I am not passing moral judgment on the attitude
that one should have had with regard to the deportation of the Jews or not. But
I consider that this country is fundamentally hypocritical in seeking out a few

“Don’t forget that all the French personnel who went to manage the part of
Germany occupied by France [after the end of WWII] consisted in large part of
highly professional civil servants who needed maybe to be eliminated on a
national level but were able to continue to serve the country at the
international level”.

Barre added: “I want to say that on this issue I consider that the Jewish lobby
– and not only with regard to me – is capable of mounting disgraceful
operations and I want to say this publicly.”

Not the first time

Raymon Barre, who was Prime Minister under former President Valéry Giscard
d’Estaing, already shocked the Jewish community at the time when reacting to a Palestinian
terrorist bomb attack against a Paris synagogue in October 1980, he declared on
the television: “This appalling attack was intended to hit Jews on their way to
the synagogue, it has hit innocent French people who happened to be in the Rue

He implicitely stated that Jews are not French.

During the interview with France Culture, Barre said he doesn’t not regret his

“Don’t forget that in the same statement I said that the Jewish community
cannot be separated from the French community. When you quote, you must quote
in full. And the campaign undertaken by the Jewish lobby with the strongest
links on the left came from the fact that we were in an electoral climate and
this didn’t impress me and they can continue to repeat it.”

“Those who wanted to get their own back on Jews could have blown up the
synagogue and Jews. But not at all, they launched a blind bomb attack and there
were three French people, not Jews, that’s a fact, not Jews. And that doesn’t
mean that Jews are not French,” Barre said.

German academic’s lecture on
‘Islamic anti-Semitism’ cancelled in London
Original article:

LONDON (AFP)— A lecture by a
German expert on “Islamic anti-Semitism” at a British university was
cancelled over concerns the lecturer would be attacked, The Times reported on
The University of Leeds denied accusations that it was stifling academic
freedoms when it cancelled Matthias Kuntzel’s lecture entitled “Hitler’s
Legacy: Islamic anti-Semitism in the Middle East.”

“I have been told that it has had to be cancelled for security
reasons,” Kuntzel told the daily.

“It seems there were concerns that there could be violence against my person.”

Kuntzel, an expert on Iran and research associate at the Vidal Sassoon
International Centre for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem, went on to say that in his experience “nothing like this has
ever happened before — this is censorship.”

“It is a controversial area but I am accustomed to debate. I value the
integrity of academic debate and I feel that it really is in danger here. This
is a very important subject and if you cannot address it on university
property, then what is a university for?”


The University of Leeds, however, said the reason the lecture had been
cancelled was because proper stewarding arrangements for it had not been made.

Ahmed Sawalem, the president of the university’s student Islamic Society, said
that he had contacted the vice-chancellor’s office to file an official
complaint, but said the group had not asked for the event to be cancelled.

UK journalist slammed for Holocaust

Original article:

LONDON (EJP)— The art critic of
London’s main evening newspaper has come under heavy criticism by Jewish
community leaders after saying that the Holocaust has been used to “whip guilt
into society”.

In a column published in the Evening Standard last week, art critic Brian
Sewell came out against a new exhibition commemorating the end of the slave
trade currently on display at the Victoria and Albert museum in central London.

While Sewell clearly deplored the slave trade he said he believed the
exhibition, which features artistic works inspired by the years of slavery, was

But in a sentence described by Board of Deputies Chief Executive Jon
Benjamin as “apalling”, Sewell accused Holocaust memorials as
well as those remembering the horrors of the slave trade as being used to make
people feel guilty.

“The historical slave trade was a business at least as appalling as the
Holocaust, with many, many, more victims, and like the Holocaust its memory has
been hijacked by the descendants of those victims and turned into a scourge
with which to whip guilt into society,” Sewell wrote.


Holocaust Education Trust Lord Greville Janner was one of a number of Jewish
leaders to speak out against Sewell’s words.

“The Holocaust and the slave trade were both vile injustices and wicked
betrayals of humanity,” Janner said. “To defile the memory of these acts as
Brian Sewell saw fit do is an abuse of his journalistic platform and a sad
reminder that the lessons of the holocaust and other similar horrors have not
yet been learned .”

Benjamin echoed Janner’s sentiments, pulling no punches in his criticism of
Sewell. “After cataloguing the appalling human cost of the slave trade and
categorising it alongside the Holocaust, it is quite appalling to dismiss the
suffering of its victims and their descendants in this way,” Benjamin said,
adding that he believed that Sewell “shows the conceit of those whose
comfortable existence has never been affected by such monstrous inhumanity.”

No complaints

However, according to Managing Editor of the Evening Standard Doug Wills there
had been no complaints sent to the newspaper about the column and that he
believed those expressing their concerns were taking the sentence out of

Willis said: “It is wrong to bring out this partial phrase in isolation. The
focus of this 1,800-word feature and this reference is on the horrors of the
slave trade and this is absolutely apparent to those who read the whole

“I am not aware of the Evening Standard receiving any complaints about
this article. This was an historic reference of measure and certainly did not
diminish the Holocaust or survivors in any way. The Evening Standard is well
known for its supportive coverage of Holocaust survivors, as our readers will
be very much aware.”

The column can be found on the Evening Standard website, at

Lawsuit Over Chabad Building Puts
Rebbe’s Living Legacy on Trial

Nathaniel Popper | Fri. Mar 16, 2007

The neo-Gothic brick building at 770
Eastern Parkway, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, has become the
defining symbol of Chabad Lubavitch as the ultra-Orthodox movement has spread
around the world with its philosophy of reaching out to all Jews.

The building was once the
headquarters of the Hasidic movement’s grand rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson,
who preached in the downstairs synagogue until his death in 1994. Today,
though, the building is at the center of a sometimes violent schism between the
rebbe’s followers.

In a lawsuit winding its way through
New York Supreme Court, two groups of Chabad leaders are fighting for control
of the synagogue in 770, which sprawls through the basement of the rebbe’s
former residence and a building next door. This week, the judge in the suit
decided that neither side had an open-and-shut argument, and so the case would
go forward to a full-blown trial.

At stake is the ultra-Orthodox
movement’s most famous synagogue. But the trial will also help decide the
public face that Chabad presents to the world. In short, will this be a
movement defined by a Messiah, or not?

On one side of the dispute are the
tight-lipped global leaders of Chabad, who own the buildings above the
synagogue and oversee the flow of Chabad rabbis to almost every corner of the
earth. On the other side is a group of leaders elected from the local Chabad
community of Brooklyn’s Crown Heights, who say the movement’s global leaders
are trying to publicly blur and deny what they describe as its doctrine about
the late rebbe’s status as the messiah.

The roots of the lawsuit lie in a
fracas over just this very matter back in 2004. In the middle of a November
night, a band of rowdy youngsters tore out a plaque that had recently been
installed at 770 by the global leaders of Chabad, who own the building. The
youths were angered by the plaque because it referred to Schneerson with a
Hebrew acronym used for dead people, which conflicted with the youngsters’ view
that the rebbe is a still living messiah.

There probably would not have been a
protracted lawsuit if it were not for the fact that the views of the young vandals
coincided with the elected leaders, or gabbais, of the religious congregation
in the basement of 770.

In his affidavit, the lead gabbai,
Rabbi Zalman Lipskier, wrote that “the real issue in dispute involves
conflicting views on how our faith views the passing of the Grand Rebbe
Schneerson and whether or not at this time he may be referred to publicly as
the Messiah.”

Lipskier and the other gabbais were
chosen most recently in a 2005 election that was open to Lubavitch community
members in Crown Heights. The gabbais have long been able to control discourse
in the synagogue because they have run the day-to-day affairs in the downstairs
area of the building. For the lawsuit, they have submitted documents showing
that they pay the electric bills and also that they have paid for the entryway
in which the offending plaque was installed.

In the wake of the plaque-stealing
incident, however, the organization that owns the building, Agudas Chassidei
Chabad, decided that no one else would dictate what happens on the
organization’s property.

Arguing before the court, the
organization’s lawyer, David Zaslowsky, said that “there should be little doubt
that on the day we moved in back in 1940, if we wanted to put a plaque on that
building we’d have the right to do that, and that plaque could say anything we

A recent visit to the synagogue
downstairs indicated the strong influence that the messianic gabbais have over
the sanctuary. During the services, most worshippers joined in a spirited
prayer that celebrated the rebbe as the messiah. On the northern wall of the
sanctuary is a long banner that says “Live Our Master, Teacher, Rebbe King
Moshiach Forever and Ever.”

“What does it mean, he is alive?”
said Yitzhak Fuchs, a 47-year-old congregant who was standing outside in a worn

“We learned the king messiah is not
going to die. He is going to disappear, but he’s not dead,” said Fuchs, who,
like many of the other worshippers, wore a small, yellow lapel pin with a crown
and the word messiah in Hebrew.

The unanswered question at the core
of the lawsuit is whether the global leadership of Chabad — men like Rabbi
Yehudah Krinsky and Rabbi Yisroel Shemtov — actually disagree with Fuchs and
the gabbais about the rebbe’s status as messiah.

A number of affidavits in the
lawsuit assert that almost all Chabad leaders do privately believe that the
rebbe was the messiah but have been afraid to talk about it publicly, for fear
of scaring off the unaffiliated Jews who attend Chabad services around the

The head of Chabad in southern Ohio,
Rabbi Sholom Kalmanson, gave an affidavit in which he argued that while most
Lubavitchers believe that the rebbe is the messiah, “others believe that while
the scenario is possible, it should not be a public position. A very small minority
have abandoned the notion that the rebbe is Moshiach.”

Kalmanson is no longer recognized by
the New York offices as an official representative of Chabad.

In the court case, the global
leaders of Chabad avoid commenting on the messiah issue, and state that the
matter to be settled is one of real estate and not religious dogma. But the
court papers nonetheless record the back and forth on the issue.

One statement, signed by close to
250 Chabad rabbis, identifies the rebbe as the messiah. Another, signed in 1998
by eight of the most powerful Chabad rabbis, says that “the preoccupation with
identifying the Rebbe as Moshiach is clearly contrary to the Rebbe’s wishes.”

David Berger, a rabbi and historian
who has studied the question and been very critical of Lubavitch theology, said
that neither side in the case would deny that the rebbe is the messiah. But he
also noted that this does not mean there are not significant theological
differences in the debate. According to Berger, there are strenuous disagreements
within Chabad over whether the rebbe died to return in the future or just
disappeared for a time.

In any case, Berger said, the top
leaders in Chabad “don’t want it to be in the liturgy. They realize it’s very
bad for the movement.”

In the basement at 770, the fervent
messianists appear to be carrying the day for now. Despite repeated attempts to
install a new plaque, the only sign of it today is a gap in the wall, with
messy streaks of plaster. In the middle of the gap is a brown stone that was
originally put there by the rebbe. As men walk into the synagogue at all hours,
they touch the stone and kiss their fingers.

England football team will have to
eat kosher during Israeli stay

Original article:

By David Byers

11/Mar/2007 15:04


LONDON (EJP)— The chef of the
England international football team was “shocked” to learn that he
would be banned from cooking the players food containing pork, bacon and ham
when they stay at a kosher Israeli hotel this month, it has been reported.

The Football Association has booked 80 rooms at the five-star Dan Accadia Hotel
in the resort of Herzilya, near Tel Aviv, when England play Israel in the
forthcoming Euro 2008 match.

However in advance of their stay, the hotel has warned the England team, its
officials and management, that they will have to abide by the laws of kashrut
or laws of kosherness.

Meat and milk

England’s chef usually cooks pork sausages for the players, and mixes meat with
milk by serving cheese at the same time.

Captain John Terry particularly likes Parmesan cheese with every meal, the chef
was reported to have revealed, and the rules of mixing meat with milk will
prohibit that, the hotel has said.

“The England chef was shocked when he found out he wouldn’t be able to
cook pork, sausage and cheese together,” Arik Porat, the hotel’s chef,
told the Jewish Chronicle newspaper. “He said: ’What will I do with
captain John Terry, who likes to have Parmesan with every meal – including

No problems

In an official statement, the FA, however, said the restrictions would not
cause any problems. “We are satisfied that we will have an enjoyable time
in Israel, and we are looking forward to our visit,” a spokesman said.

For its part, the FA has handed a 13-page list of demands to the hotel with
strict requirements for management to abide by in order to ensure that the team
functions optimally on the playing field.

It includes removing mini-bars and restricting room service for all 80 rooms
reserved for the team, it has been reported.

“We are very thorough in our preparation for matches and this is standard
practice,” an FA spokesman said.

“We are doing nothing different in Israel than we do anywhere else.”

US Attorney General in Serious

WASHINGTON, March 14–Embattled
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Wednesday it is up to President George
W. Bush whether he remains in the administration amid an escalating political row
over what critics contend is the politically motivated firing of eight top
federal prosecutors.
With some Democratic lawmakers calling for his resignation, Gonzales said, “I
work for the American people and serve at the pleasure of the president,“ AP reported.
“I think you can look at the record of the department in terms of what we’ve
done … going after child predators, public corruption cases,“ he said on
NBC’s “Today“ show.
“I think our record is outstanding.“
The dispute over the US attorneys has become the latest clash between Bush’s
Republican Party and the newly empowered Democratic majority in Congress.
Democrats, who have long accused Republicans of running roughshod over
opponents, have portrayed the firings as part of a campaign of intimidation and
obstruction by the Bush administration and Republican lawmakers.
Gonzales acknowledged, as he had on Tuesday, that mistakes were made in the
handling of the US attorney firings and said he wanted to remain in the job to
make things right with Congress.
“I think we’ve done a good job in managing the department … Things are going
to happen,“ he said.
“We are going to work with Congress to make sure they know what happened … We
want to ensure that they have a complete and accurate picture of what happened
“I didn’t become attorney general by quitting,“ Gonzales said on CBS’s “The
Early Show.“
Several Democrats have called for Gonzales’ resignation, among them
presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards.
“The buck should stop somewhere,“ Clinton said in an interview with ABC’s “Good
Morning America“ which was broadcast Wednesday morning.
She added that Bush “needs to be very forthcoming–what did he say, what did he
know, what did he do?“ and that high-level White House adviser Karl Rove also
“owes the Congress and the country an explanation“ for his role in the affair.
The firestorm of criticism has erupted in the wake of the disclosure of emails
within the administration which showed that Gonzales’ chief of staff, Kyle Sampson,
had discussed the possible firings of US attorneys in early 2005 with
then-White House Counsel Harriet Miers.

Dems abandon war authority provision

By DAVID ESPO and MATTHEW LEE, Associated Press Writers Mon
Mar 12, 7:22 PM ET

WASHINGTON – Top House Democrats retreated Monday from an attempt to limit

President Bush‘s authority
for taking military action against

Iran as the leadership concentrated on
a looming confrontation with the White House over the


Oficials said Speaker Nancy Pelosi (news,
) and other members of the leadership had decided to strip from a
major military spending bill a requirement for Bush to gain approval from
Congress before moving against Iran.

Conservative Democrats as well as lawmakers concerned about the possible
impact on

Israel had argued for the change in

The developments occurred as Democrats pointed toward an initial test vote
in the House Appropriations Committee on Thursday on the overall bill, which
would require the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops from Iraq by Sept. 1, 2008,
if not earlier. The measure provides nearly $100 billion to pay for fighting in
two wars, and includes more money than the president requested for operations

Afghanistan and what Democrats
called training and equipment shortages.

The White House has issued a veto threat against the bill, and Vice

Dick Cheney attacked its
supporters in a speech, declaring they “are telling the enemy simply to
watch the clock and wait us out.”

House GOP Leader John Boehner (news,
) of Ohio issued a statement that said Democrats shouldn’t count on
any help passing their legislation. “Republicans will continue to stand
united in this debate, and will oppose efforts by Democrats to undermine the
ability of General Petraeus and our troops to achieve victory in the Global War
on Terror,” he said.

Top Democrats had a different perspective.

Pelosi issued a written statement that said the vice president’s remarks
prove that “the administration’s answer to continuing violence in Iraq is
more troops and more treasure from the American people.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (news,
), D-Nev., said in a statement that America was less safe today
because of the war. The president “must change course, and it’s time for
the Senate to demand he do it,” he added.

The Iran-related proposal stemmed from a desire to make sure Bush did not
launch an attack without going to Congress for approval, but drew opposition
from numerous members of the rank and file in a series of closed-door sessions
last week.

Rep. Shelley Berkley (news,
), D-Nev., said in an interview there is widespread fear in Israel
about Iran, which is believed to be seeking nuclear weapons and has expressed
unremitting hostility about the Jewish state.

“It would take away perhaps the most important negotiating tool that
the U.S. has when it comes to Iran,” she said of the now-abandoned

“I didn’t think it was a very wise idea to take things off the table if
you’re trying to get people to modify their behavior and normalize it in a
civilized way,” said Rep. Gary Ackerman (news,
) of New York.

Several officials said there was widespread opposition to the proposal at a
closed-door meeting last week of conservative and moderate Democrats, who said
they feared tying the hands of the administration when dealing with an
unpredictable and potentially hostile regime in Tehran.

Public opinion has swung the way of Democrats on the issue of the war. More
than six in 10 Americans think the conflict was a mistake — the largest number
yet found in AP-Ipsos polling.

But Democrats have struggled to find a compromise that can satisfy both
liberals who oppose any funding for the military effort and conservatives who
do not want to unduly restrict the commander in chief.

“This supplemental should be about supporting the troops and providing
what they need,” said Rep. Dan Boren (news,
), D-Okla., on Monday upon returning from a trip to Iraq. Boren said
he plans to oppose any legislation setting a clear deadline for troops to

In his speech, Cheney chided lawmakers who are pressing for tougher action
on Iran to oppose the president on the Iraq War.

“It is simply not consistent for anyone to demand aggressive action
against the menace posed by the Iranian regime while at the same time
acquiescing in a retreat from Iraq that would leave our worst enemies
dramatically emboldened and Israel’s best friend, the United States,
dangerously weakened,” he said.

Web 2.0

Even casual YouTube users have no doubt come across video clips that the
company has taken down for one reason or another, but a new service gives
viewers at least a chance to see the offending content. Delutube, as its name implies, can
serve up some video clips even after YouTube has purged them.

Looking through a selection of random clips on Delutube provides insight
into YouTube’s takedown practices. A large number of the clips contain
copyrighted music, though the video is typically of high school girls trying to
look like strippers as hip-hop plays in the background. (Note that not all of
these clips may be work-safe.)

Delutube allows visitors to enter the video ID (pulled from the end of the
YouTube URL) of a deleted clip, then attempts to retrieve the clip from
YouTube’s system. Clips are not apparently deleted from YouTube’s database at
the moment they are taken down (or they at least persist in YouTube’s cache
before being cleared), allowing Delutube a chance of retrieving them. The site
also allows for the easy downloading of clips.

The service, and others like it, could make YouTube’s network an easy way to
share and download even illicit video files that will quickly be pulled from
the public portion of the site. It’s also the sort of thing likely to cause
even more angst among content owners, especially if visitors can still retrieve
clips that have been the target of DMCA takedown notices.

Delutube isn’t the only service that can do such a thing, of course, but
it’s possibly the most ironic; the site makes money serving Google ads. The
creation of these services shows how much demand exists for this sort of
material, and what a hard time content owners have controlling it. For them,
such sites are one more frustrating roadblock on the way to exerting control of
songs and video clips on the Internet.

Are such sites legal? It’s hard to say. The clips all come from YouTube’s
servers, and many of them don’t appear to infringe anyone’s copyright (these
are generally removed due to depictions of drunken behavior or inappropriate
sexual content). Still, expect some form of legal action against the services
if they become a big-enough nuisance to content owners or make YouTube’s own
negotiations with copyright holders more difficult.


Anti-Semitism on the rise in
Switzerland’s German speaking communities

Original article:


ZURICH (EJP)— New statistics
released by a Swiss Jewish organisation have indictated an increase in
anti-Semitic incidents in the country’s German speaking regions.

The Action Group of the Children of the Holocaust (AKDH) said it registered 73
cases of what it considers to have been anti-Semitic incidents between
September 2005 and December 2006.

From August 2004 through September 2005 only 32 cases were registered, the Neue
Zürcher Zeitung´(NZZ) daily reported.

According to the report, 42 of the incidents which occurred during the past
year were of a “tangible nature”, such as those committed against the
properties of Jewish institutions and organisations. These included a synagogue
in the eastern lakeside city of Biel was vandalised with graffiti.

Samuel Althof, speaker of the AKDH said that a Zurich based house of worship
had dog droppings smeared on parts of its façade.

Internet anti-Semitism

Over the course of the same period, 15 anti-Semitism statements were reported
to have been found in internet guest books and forums.

Althof said that his organisation had received several anti-Semitic comments on
its internet site. Even non-Jewish organisations are reported to have had
anti-Semitic comments recorded within their internet pages – such as the Ice
Skating Club of Bern, the Swiss capital.

According to AKDH, seven cases of anti-Semitism were publicly made defamatory

Altof told NZZ that he does not believe that the rise of reported anti-Semitic
cases means that such incidences are becoming epidemic. Instead, he believes
that although most cases go unreported, the public is becoming more aware that
they need to go to the police or to his organisation when such cases occur –
regardless of how minor the incidences might have appeared.

The AKDH, which also acts as a trauma centre for victims of anti-Semitic acts,
has, together with the Federation of Swiss Jewish Communities called upon the
government to set up a centralised database for monitoring anti-Semitic acts
for the entire country.

More information on the AKDH’s work is available in German at

forces out to get Levy, says rabbi


Lord Levy’s rabbi intervened in the cash-for-honours row again yesterday to
attack the “anti-Semitic” forces trying to undermine the Labour peer.

Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet said there was a widely held view in his community that
Lord Levy was being targeted because he was Jewish.

In an interview he said: “There is a general feeling, and it is
increasingly sensitive, that this is all about ‘get the Jew’. I do not play the
anti-Semitic card. But within my immediate community, and the Jewish community
generally, they are sensitive to the fact that this is becoming all about one

Rabbi Schochet, 41, has run north London’s Mill Hill Synagogue, where Lord Levy
regularly attends, for 14 years. A photograph of the rabbi with Tony Blair has
pride of place in his cramped office.

Lord Levy, the Prime Minister’s personal fundraiser, has used his famous
business acumen to raise more than £1.5 million for the synagogue redevelopment

“I have known Lord Levy for the 14 years I have been at the synagogue. He
has never said to me that he thinks what is going on is anti-Semitic. We have
1,400 families at the synagogue. That is the view of many of them,” the
rabbi said.

Lord Levy was thrust into the centre of the cash-for-honours investigation this
week when it emerged police were studying a memo from Ruth Turner, the director
of government relations, about a meeting the two held last summer.

In the memo, Miss Turner, 36, disclosed that she believed Lord Levy’s
recollection of events was “untrue”.

Downing Street has insisted that the Prime Minister has full confidence in Lord
Levy, who will continue in his role as his personal Middle East envoy.

Bush vows migration reform drive

US President George W Bush has said
efforts to reform US immigration laws are key to improving ties with Mexico.

Speaking with Mexican President
Felipe Calderon, on the last leg of a tour of Latin America, Mr Bush said he
believed the US Congress would approve new laws.

He was keen for legislation that
would “respect the rule of law – and at the same time, respect
humanity,” he said.

Hundreds of protesters earlier
rioted outside the US embassy in Mexico City, in the latest protest against his

Demonstrators burned US flags and
threw stones at police guarding the building. Several people were injured,
including a number of police officers.

There have been protests at each
stage of Mr Bush’s trip, and verbal attacks on him by Venezuela’s President
Hugo Chavez, who is on his own tour of the region.

The US president has visited Brazil,
Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and finally Mexico on his seven-day tour.

Fence plan

Speaking at a news conference in the
eastern city of Merida, Mr Bush called immigration an “important but
sensitive” issue.

He said a reform of immigration laws
was essential – and added that he was optimistic that both parties in Congress
were coming round to his view.

“If people can come into our
country, for example on a temporary basis to work, doing jobs Americans aren’t
doing, they won’t have to sneak across the border,” said Mr Bush.

“And, by the way, a system that
encourages people to sneak across the border is a system that leads to human
rights abuses.

“It’s a system that promotes
document forgers. It’s a system that allows for the exploitation of citizens
who are trying to earn a living for their families.”

Mr Bush added that he did not
envisage widespread amnesty programmes or mass deportations of illegal

The US is planning to construct
hundreds of kilometres of fencing along the border to try to prevent the flow
of illegal immigration from Mexico – a measure Mr Calderon has strongly

Mr Calderon said the challenge for
Mexico was to improve the opportunities it offered, in order to encourage young
Mexicans to stay in the country or to return from the US.

“We share the need of having a
safe border that will close the gates to drugs, arms and terrorism and that
will open its doors to trade, investment and prosperity,” he said.

The BBC’s Duncan Kennedy in Merida
says Mr Bush’s comments on immigration represent the position he has long held.

Like much of the trip there has been
a shortage of new policies, our correspondent says.

Instead, the tour is being viewed as
one that has cemented political relationships rather than develop new
programmes, he says, making it likely that there will be a mixed reaction over
whether it has been a success.

Hungarian protests turn violent


Police are trying to end the
protest, which they say is illegal
The scene

There have been violent clashes
between police and far-right protesters on the streets of Budapest.

The trouble began when nationalist
leader Gyorgy Budahazy, who has been wanted by the police since disturbances
began last September, was detained.

Police decided to clear the city
centre using tear gas and water cannon as the crowd of demonstrators swelled.

Earlier thousands of supporters of
the main opposition party held a peaceful mass rally to mark National Day.

There has been tight security, amid
fears of a repetition of last October’s clashes that marred the 50th
anniversary of the anti-Soviet uprising.

The unrest followed Prime Minister
Ferenc Gyurcsany’s admission that he had lied during the electoral campaign
about the state of Hungary’s finances.

TV siege

The far-right rally began
peacefully, with speeches from, among others, British historian David Irving,
who was imprisoned until recently in Austria for Holocaust denial.


The rioting began in the early
evening after police identified and arrested Mr Budahazy, who is wanted in
connection with the siege of a public TV station during last September’s

As the crowd grew to around 1,000,
people converged on the centre of the city, with some clearly looking for a
fight with police, others just curious, correspondents say.

There were no immediate reports of
serious injuries, although eyewitnesses mentioned that some demonstrators had
attacked journalists.

Police drove down the city’s main
boulevard firing water cannon and tear gas canisters in an attempt to break up
the protest, which they consider illegal.

Protesters responded by throwing
bottles and stones, and built and set fire to barricades to obstruct the

Flag row

At official ceremonies for the
holiday, which marks Hungary’s brief independence from Habsburg rule in 1848,
Mr Gyurcsany was booed by a few hundred protesters, who shouted “Go,
Gyurcsany, go!”

Later, Budapest Mayor Gabor Demszky,
an ally of Mr Gyurcsany, had to be protected with an umbrella against eggs
thrown by protesters during his speech.

The main conservative opposition
party, Fidesz, held its own rally on Thursday afternoon, attended by tens of
thousands of supporters.

Fidesz made it clear it had nothing
to do with the far-right protesters.

Organisers asked participants at the
Fidesz rally to carry only the official flag and not the traditional Hungarian
Arpad flag, a modified version of which was used by the pro-Nazi government of

Yet some participants still carried
the Arpad flag and sang songs lamenting the demise of Greater Hungary after
World War I.

Fidesz has been accused in the past
of not dissociating itself from far-right elements. The party is in the main
centre-right group in the European Union – the European Popular Party – and has
vehemently denied that it harbours xenophobic or anti-Semitic views.


Racism vs. Marxism

What would most people say if you told them G.W.Bush was a Marxist?

Organizing principles

We were always family/tribe/nation (recall the etymology of “nation”)

This, vs. Marxist O.P. of socio-economic status. Farmers in Angola / Idaho.

The problem, as with almost everything when it comes to Marxism, is
reality, and in reality, the way it works is that societal elites and Jews
retain a powerful model of organization, while we are left to try our hand at
organizing people who don’t know liberty from slavery, or creation from
destruction: Recall how President Bush
cavorts around the world signing trade deals that benefits powerful businessmen
in Vietnam and Brazil while the American
workers (along with the Vietnamese and Brazilians in this case) are simply left
out of the equation. It becomes a little
easier to see how the elite possess their corrupt brand of plausible
deniability towards racial truths: The
coloreds with whom our leaders sign
multi-million business deals do not rape them for days, pour drano down their
throats and discard them in five trash
bags—that is unfortunate. They hob-nob
with the talented 1/1000th of a percent while we are forced down
into the gutters along with the non-creating third-world populations of brown

Why we are disallowed this organizing principle

If Marxism wasn’t supposed to be this way, then it was a coincidence far
beyond that with which we normally deal.

Did Marx know what he was doing?

Could he have been talking about helping the down-trodden organize while he
was actually trying to help Jews carve up western civilization? Or did he simply know how Jews were and
wanted to help the goyim establish a bulwark against capitalists?

We certainly know how it’s worked out—Jews singing the praises of “the
worker” knocked over the Russian government in 1917, financed in large part by
banker-jew money from New York City.
They tried the same stunt in Germany, but the Germans revolted and began
expelling them. The Jew-led WWII
devastated the West, and delivered both Europe and the U.S. into varying forms
of socialism.

Was this planned? It’s hard to get
at the truth to that. We do know that Marx’s
dad was a crypto-Jew who converted to lutherenism because of
“anti-Semitism.” I wonder if there could
be any long-running resentment against the goyim there? Also, recall that Marx’s first treatise was titled “On the
Jewish Question.” Also, he was funded
life-long by Engels, a Jew who owned a textiles plant.

Moreover, he was a hypocrite. He
couldn’t stand being around the working class.
He tended to be annoyed when they couldn’t come along and party with
him. He himself wasn’t frugal, always
asking Engels for money despite Engels’ pleas.

Hitler talked about the communist jews and trade-unions. It’s actually what his “Kampf” was—He says
his struggle was over when he figured out that it was Jews who were behind the
madness of leftism. He went on to
expound how wealthy Jews organized labor against their managers, and how it
ended up being actually better for those wealthy Jews who owned the

AIPAC Conference


Security Council Set to Impose Sanctions on Iran


By Staff

(EUNN) London – The UN Security Council is set to impose sanctions on Iran
over its refusal to halt uranium enrichment with the six powers in full
agreement. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has requested to speak
to the UN Council, and conveniently
enough, he’s been asked to speak at the council before the final decision is

Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Friday that Tehran does
not intend to have a conflict with the UN but has the right to use nuclear
energy for peaceful purposes.

The Iranian inner-circle is talking as though they are hanging tough, but
the tides have continued to shift against Ahmadinejad.

UN ambassadors from the six countries which comprise the world powers on the
Security Council announced a deal on Thursday on a new sanctions resolution
that was submitted to the Security Council’s 10 non-permanent members ahead of
a vote expected next week.

Even Russia, which has in the past been reluctant to go along with
sanctioning Iran appears to now be in agreement after a technicality over
whether agreed payments for work on the Bushear facility were to be in dollars
for the nuclear power plant Russia had supplied to Tehran.

At the daily press briefing Thursday, U.S. Department of State spokesman
Sean McCormack admitted that Iran’s having already had sanctions applied
against it has made it difficult for Tehran to use the financial community,
which in turn hurt its ability to pay Russia in dollars.

“One can only say that the pathway that President Ahmadinejad is
pursuing on behalf of the Iranian people is misguided and unfortunate. But it’s
important that the Iranian people know that they have a way out and that way
out is via the negotiating table and having this regime take up the six world
powers on the Council on their offer of negotiation,” said McCormick.

Acting American Ambassador to the UN, Alejandro D. Wolff, called the
resolution “a good, balanced, incremental step”, for which his
British counterpart Emyr Jones Parry called it a “ratcheting
up” of the restrictions.


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Lame, ahistorical

Described as a “purim afterparty”


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