The Duke rape hoax: proof of anti-sports bias

WEBCommentary(tm) – Duke Case: The 88ers’ “March Madness”

Last March, a significant portion of the Duke University faculty experienced its own “March Madness”–a very dangerous one–after stripper Crystal Gail Mangum, a black female, claimed to have been gang raped by white, male Duke lacrosse players.

With the Hoax exposed, the rape charges voluntarily dismissed, the
rest of the charges to be dismissed (after the North Carolina Attorney
General’s office has waited long enough that as few voting members of
North Carolina’s black community, especially the North Carolina NAACP
and Durham County’s black community, as possible feel disrespected as
well as disappointed) and Durham County District Attorney Michael B.
Nifong a defendant in a very serious ethics complaint relating to his
performance in the Duke case instead of the prosecutor in the case, it
is a fitting time to ponder whether the wrongfully maligned players
will be suing 88ers and Duke University for the harm inflicted on them
by the way they exploited the situation.

Legendary Duke men’s
basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) is not in a position to
publicly urge the lacrosse players to sue, but his comments on HBO’s
“Costas Tonight” suggest that he is ashamed of Duke, disgusted with the
88ers and not the lacrosse players, and maybe even of himself, for not
doing more sooner to support those players.

Coach K on HBO: “We
had almost 100 professors come out publicly against certain things in
athletics.  And I was a lit bit shocked at that.  But it shows that
there’s latent hostility or whatever you want to call it toward sports
on campus
.  I thought it was inappropriate, to be quite frank with you.”

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