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Israel voices concern over Taiwan Nazi group – Region – Middle East Times

TAIPEI — Israel Thursday voiced concern to the Taiwanese government over the founding of a Nazi political movement on the island, a foreign ministry official said.

The National Socialism Association was set up by
university students who said that they were inspired by Adolf Hitler
and dissatisfied with persistent political squabbling
, according to
local newspaper reports.

The group Thursday claimed more than 1,000 members, according to its Web site.

Israel’s de facto Ambassador to Taipei Raphael Gamzou expressed concern over the group.

“The ambassador voiced his concerns when we met today [Thursday].
He hoped Taiwan could better educate its students and make them
understand the background of the Nazis
,” (ie. lie about them)  Anotonio Chen, head of the
foreign ministry’s West Asian Affairs Department, said.

Chen, meanwhile, urged his fellow countrymen “to respect the
history of the other countries and not to apply salt to their wounds.”

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