Linder shows up in the Truman College rag

Neo-Nazi rallies should be avoided rather than attended – Opinions

My point is that despite our good intentions and earnest preparations, we still devote too much attention to these negative (or worse, hate-filled) public displays of opinion. Here in Kirksville, we go out and gratify Fred Phelps when he brings his hate to town. To a lesser extent, we give Alex Linder the attention he craves – at least enough for him to keep preaching at us. It’s like we think confronting these people is going to help us silence them – when all it does is throw fuel on the fire.

It really shouldn’t be our goal to silence them, anyway. I’m not suggesting that Linder, for example, has good ideas, but it’s possible that we could learn something important from his endless supply of propaganda. There’s no doubt he’s a good writer – that’s probably all that separates him from so many other racists and anti-Semites.

I wonder. . .  Since Alex only craves attention, why he didn’t stay with the (much) bigger media outlets instead of striking out on his own?  Hey Andrew, you’ve figured out which masters to serve, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to present a rational case . . . oh, wait, yes it does.  Carry on, and don’t forget to go sign up for the Army.      Those yids need protection both here and abroad!  Hut hut!

Also, he claims to have access to “an endless supply of propaganda.”  Where?  I’ve been looking for Goyfire #50 since last Saturday!

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One Comment on “Linder shows up in the Truman College rag”

  1. The Dude Says:

    If Alex Linder craves attention, then what do you call Sen. Chuck Schumer’s weekly Sunday morning rant? Go VNN

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