Jew-truthing defeated in South Korea, was it too late? News – Latest News – South Korean firm recalls book for anti-Semitism

SEOUL (Reuters) – A South Korean company will remove anti-Semitic images from a best-selling children’s book, but the author has little idea of the damage he caused through his work, a Jewish human rights activist said on Thursday.

Author Rhie Won-bok’s cartoon guide book on the world for young
Korean readers, called “Distant Countries and Neighbouring Countries”,
has come under criticism for saying Jews control the media, block
Korean-Americans’ progress and were responsible for the 9-11 attacks

This man was not part of the solution. He was the problem,” Rabbi
Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los
Angeles, said after meeting Rhie and the book’s publisher.

Cooper said that the 12-book social studies series, which has sold
more than 10 million copies since it was first introduced about 20
years ago, has created first and deep impressions among young Korean

“He is sowing the seeds for the future,” Cooper told a small group of reporters in Seoul. “That is why it is so dangerous.

Cooper along with a Korean-American activist met Rhie as well as
Park Eun-ju, an executive at the book’s publisher, Gimm-Young, and said
Rhie apologized for what he had written.

Cooper said Rhie did not explain where he came up with the images in his book or why he believes them to be true.

Rhie has told South Korean media he is not anti-Semitic and he
meant to cause no harm with his book. He was not immediately available
for comment.

Publisher Park told Cooper she would recall all of the offending
books. In addition, the company will publish a book that shoots down
anti-Semitic conspiracies, with proceeds from sales going to help feed
the hungry.

An almost completely homogeneous country, South Korea has no established Jewish community.

Cooper said Rhie’s book invoked images and slogans from the Nazi
era that were used as justification for its plan to exterminate the

The book contains passages saying it is impossible to pass through
the wall of Jews in American society. It showed a cartoon of a man
climbing a hill blocked by a brick wall with a Star of David with a
caption reading: “The final obstacle is always the Jewish fortress

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One Comment on “Jew-truthing defeated in South Korea, was it too late?”

  1. The Dude Says:

    The hand of Jewish Surpremacy is spread real thin now. It can and may blow up on them…

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