Georgraphy prof learns that there’s money in slandering unpopular political groups

The Maneater – Community meets to demystify hate groups

Brown spoke to a group of more than 100 individuals on March 9 about his research of white nationalism, as well as other active groups’ work. Brown’s speech was part of the Sociology Colloquium Series. The series began this semester and allows various professors to give voluntary lectures about topics that are of interest to the public. Brown was the first non-sociology professor to speak as a part of the colloquium.

. . .

Brown also listed common characteristics of white nationalist groups
derived from his research and participant observation. Participant
observation is a sociological method of research that allows an
individual to learn about a community or way of life by immersing
himself or herself into it and actively becoming part of that

Brown said participant observation allowed him to match up the
public identity of a group with the beliefs members espoused in private

From Brown’s experience, this could either be rewarding with regard to his research, or it could be terrifying.

. . .

The characteristics Brown identified included whiteness versus
non-whiteness, individuals of Jewish decent as the enemy, the necessity
of whites to get the word out to other white people and the notion that
we are living in violent, if not apocalyptic, times.

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