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Factoid: Colin Powell speaks Yiddish

Gingrich admitted he cheated on his wife during Clinton impeachment . .

He also left his wife after she found out she had cancer

This is likely his attempt to clear the air before a Presidential run

No way because he’s against free speech

“We need to get ahead of the curve rather than wait until we actually
literally lose a city, which I think could literally happen in the next decade
if we’re unfortunate,” Mr. Gingrich said Monday night during a speech in New Hampshire. “We now
should be impaneling people to look seriously at a level of supervision that we
would never dream of if it weren’t for the scale of the threat.”

Speaking at an award dinner billed as a tribute to crusaders for the First
Amendment, Mr. Gingrich, who is considering a run for the White House in 2008, painted
an ominous picture of the dangers facing America.

“This is a serious, long-term war,” the former speaker said,
according an audio excerpt of his remarks made available yesterday by his
office. “Either before we lose a city or, if we are truly stupid, after we
lose a city, we will adopt rules of engagement that use every technology we can
find to break up their capacity to use the Internet, to break up their capacity
to use free speech, and to go after people who want to kill us to stop them
from recruiting people.”

Mr. Gingrich acknowledged that these proposals would trigger “a serious
debate about the First Amendment.” He also said international law must be
revised to address the exigencies posed by international terrorists.

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From the latest edition of the Forward:

For the consideration of those who believe the mainstream press’ rendition
of the situation in Iraq / Iran

But a great many more political analysts in Europe and even the United
States take a less panicky view of the Iranian nuclear threat. The country is
still years, and maybe decades, away from building an effective nuclear device.
Its enrichment program has fallen behind schedule, and North Korea, which is
far more advanced in its atomic quest, has not yet been able to build a usable
weapon, last summer’s nuclear test notwithstanding.

And what if Iran does get the bomb? It would clearly make the Middle East
less stable and increase the risk of further proliferation, but even a
nuclear-armed Iran could be effectively contained. Despite its radicalism, the
Iranian regime has always been concerned about self-preservation and is
unlikely to risk severe retaliation by the United States or Israel.

French President Jacques Chirac was probably right when he told a group of
international journalists last month that the world can live with one or two
Iranian nuclear bombs. That he was probably right, however, does not make up
for the fact that his statement was a major gaffe. Any sign of complacency
about the Iranian nuclear program, Chirac must have known, may weaken the
global front against Tehran and give hope to the Iranian leadership that it can
get away with building a bomb.

From Abid Mustaf, political commentator

Unlike North Korea, Iran is a subordinate state to America and since the
early eighties has been protecting US interests throughout the region. However,
the belligerent statements emanating from Tehran and Washington these days
conveys a different picture altogether—one where both countries are preparing
for war. America’s detention of Iranian diplomats, the arrest of Shia
clerics with close ties to Tehran, the arrival of a second air-craft carrier in
the Persian Gulf, the allegation of Iranian explosives used by the Iraqi
resistance and numerous intelligence reports about an imminent US strike
have reinforced the impression that war is inevitable. Likewise, Iranian
allegations that Britain, America and Pakistan are supporting insurgents
amongst Iran’s minorities, Tehran refusing to surrender its right to enrich
uranium and Iran conducting war games does little to dispel the notion that war
can be averted.But when measured against the backdrop of Iranian influence in Iraq, Lebanon
and Afghanistan, the confrontational posturing between the two countries belies
reality. America knows full well that without Iranian assistance, she would not
be able to control the Shia population in the South of Iraq. Equally important
is Iranian influence over Hizbollah, and without Tehran’s cooperation the US
would be unable to pressurise Israel to resume peace talks with the
Palestinians or stabilise Lebanon. The same can be said about Afghanistan.America’s intention to hold talks with Iran has been welcomed by Iran’s Supreme
National Security Council Secretary Ali Larijani and other senior officials.
The same officials are actively curbing and undermining Ahmadinejad’s limited
powers. There in mounting speculation in Tehran that the President may not even
survive his term. The Iranian leadership has also signalled its readiness to
halt enrichment. This is nothing new—as far back as 2003 in secret talks with
the US— a similar offer was made. The aggressive actions undertaken by the US
is designed to bolster American authority in Iraq ahead of talks with Iran, and
deny her agents in Tehran the ability to rebuff US demands. In the forthcoming
US-Iran talks it is likely that Iran will halt its enrichment programme and
withdraw support for Hizbollah. In return, Iran will be given the
responsibility to manage the affairs of Southern Iraq under American tutelage
and be re-admitted to the comity of nations.The chances of US normalising its relationship with Iran is far greater than
its endeavours to normalise ties with North Korea, even though political
developments suggest otherwise.–Abid Mustafa is a political commentator who specialises in Muslim Affairs

From Chain: Israeli officer sells
weapons to terrorists in Iraq

Ma’ariv Daily has reported that an Israeli retired officer sells weapons to
terrorist groups in Iraq.Shmoel Avivi, an Israeli retired officer, had established a firm in Iraq 2
years ago, which secretly sold arms to terrorist groups in Iraq, Ma’ariv
reported.Amnesty International reported that Avivi was one of the biggest weapon dealers
in the Middle East.Iraqi sources earlier announced that terrorist attacks in Iraq were backed by
the intelligent agencies of CIA and Mossad and the secret agents of Iraqi
former regime.Earlier, Iraqi parliament security commission chairman Hadi Ameri had accused
the occupying soldiers of secretly directing the terrorist attacks and forming
terror squads in Iraq.

US Coast Guard in Cuba exercise

The US Coast Guard is staging a huge
exercise in Florida in preparation for a possible mass exodus from Cuba in the
event of the death of Fidel Castro.

More than 300 agents and 85 law
enforcement agencies are taking part in the two-day Operation Vigilant Sentry.

Actors are playing imaginary Cuban
migrants in mock interceptions.

The operation has taken on a renewed
urgency since President Castro fell ill and handed temporary power to his
brother Raul last July.

President Castro recently spoke in a
live broadcast with his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez, but has not been seen
in public since last year.

Coast Guard Rear Adm David Kunkel
said: “It’s a mass migration plan in general. It doesn’t have to be from

“However we do recognise that
Cuba is certainly an area where we must be prepared.”

In the early 1980s, tens of
thousands of people left Cuba after receiving permission from the government.

In more pleasant news: TNB

(ASHLAND, Ky.) — An eastern Kentucky man fatally shot one of two alleged
intruders who claimed to be police officers, according to sheriff’s officials.

The other alleged intruder was arrested and charged with burglary and
impersonating a police officer, a sheriff’s report said.

Jason Daniels (GOOD GUY), 23, of Ashland, shot Robert Lewis Chapman, 50, of
Greenup in the chest, shoulder and wrist on Wednesday night, the Boyd County
Sheriff’s office said in the report.

Adam C. Justice, 22, of Summitt, was lodged in the Boyd County jail.

The County Sheriff said the case would be turned over to the commonwealth’s
attorney and a grand jury would be asked to decide if any charges would be
filed against Daniels.

The intruders allegedly broke into a home where Daniels was staying after
Daniels refused to answer the door. The men had pounded on the door claiming to
be police officers with a search warrant, Keelin said.

The men then allegedly forced Daniels into the bathroom, tied him up and
proceeded to ransack the house, the sheriff’s report said. While the alleged
burglars were busy in other parts of the house, Daniels freed himself and got a
9 mm pistol from a cabinet, the report said.

“When the suspects returned to the bathroom, they found Mr. Daniels,
now armed and in a shooting stance,” the report said.

When one of the alleged intruders attempted to draw a revolver from its
holster, Daniels fired four times and both men fled in a van that was parked

Chapman was dumped outside the emergency room entrance to Kings Daughters
Medical Center about three miles from the scene of the incident and later died,
the report said. Police stopped the van a few blocks from the hospital and
arrested Justice.

The Jewish community has joined calls to ban West Ham United football fans
who were singing virulently anti-semitic chants at the club’s London derby last
Sunday against Tottenham Hotspur.

A video which was posted on the internet on Monday showed Hammers’
supporters inside the Upton Park stadium at half-time chanting lyrics such as
“I’d rather be a Paki than a Jew.”

The posting, which was removed after complaints, also showed the home fans
singing, “I’ve got a foreskin haven’t you? ******* Jew!”The Metropolitan Police’s Public Order Football unit confirmed it is
investigating allegations of racism and the Football Association, along with
the Community Security Trust, have called on West Ham to identify and punish
the perpetrators.

And finally tonite, from the “diversity is our strength” file: M

Navy sailor held on charges of abetting terrorism

NEW YORK: A former U.S. Navy sailor has been arrested in
Phoenix, Arizona, on charges of allegedly spying and offering material support
to terrorists.

The department of justice said Wednesday the sailor, Hassan Abujihaad,
formerly Paul Hall, 31, who has been detained on a federal criminal complaint,
is alleged to have handed over classified information to a group called Azzam
Publications in London.


Dutch stormfronters and mods

Candy From a Baby…Why The Traditional Catholics Are No Threat to the Jewish

Mark Glenn

From Crescent
& Cross

Relax, Mr. ‘Morris Dees’ Seligman of the Southern Poverty Law Center. There
is no need to sound the alarm in that shrill, southern-drawl-screeching that
has become your trademark and which you employ whenever something resembling a
white blood cell pops up and threatens the Judaic infection of which you are
but one small virus.

Yes, that’s right, I did ‘out’ you as an operative for
the Synagogue, Mr. Seligman. I hate to bust your bubble here (since no doubt
you spent a lot of time coming up with that misleading title–Southern Poverty
Law Center
–as if you were a Good Samaritan-type fighting for the rights of
poor people) but for far too long and on too many occasions you have spilt the
beans you are really just another front for the multi-headed Zionist hydra.

But anyway, back to the topic at hand…As I said, relax…there is no need for
you and your fellow Pharisees and Bolsheviks to wet yourselves in panic…The
Traditional Catholics, or ‘Trads’ as we often refer to ourselves, are for the
most part absolutely no threat to you or your anti-Christ agenda. That
hit-piece written by that ‘nice Jewish girl’ Heidi Beirich in your recent SPLC Intelligence
was in all respects really just a red-herring, much ado about
nothing and tantamount to the boy who cried wolf. The ‘Trad’ movement is as
much a threat to your peoples’ 3,000 year-old-fantasy-rooted-in-madness of
‘inheriting the earth’ and ‘making footstools’ of Israel’s enemies as a mouse
is to a gorilla.

I can say this with a certain amount of authority because I have been part
of the ‘Trad’ movement for some time now and can say unequivocally that in many
respects it is like a shiny, brand-new Cadillac with no motor inside. Yes, it
may have produced men such as Mel Gibson and his movie The Passion of the
that caused you and many of your fellow tribal warlords to defecate
all over yourselves in what was a prime-time performance of raw, organic hatred
for Christianity, but that really is the high-water mark of the movement and as
radical as it is going to get. For the most part, you will find that they are almost
as cooperative with your agenda of de-Christianizing the world as are the rest
of the mindless dolts you have bred throughout the rest of the western society.
For a while at least (until you pull the necessary strings making it illegal)
they will continue to inundate the rear-ends of their cars with bumper stickers
such as ‘Pray the rosary for world peace’ and ‘Abortion stops a beating heart’,
but you can be rest assured that this will be the sum total of their
revolution. They will simply lie down and take it, just as you need them to–bit
by bit, just like the rest of the Christian world–until they and their movement
have been erased, just as you demand.

But you already knew this all too well, Mr. Seligman, so I know I am not
telling you anything new. The piece that you contracted the Jewess Beirich to
write for your porno-phile/abortion-friendly Marxist organization SPLC knows
that the Trads do not pose any threat to what Jews like you are planning for
the rest of us, and a cursory study of what they are up to reveals this fact in
a New-York minute. They vote for guys like Bush, even though he is opposed to
everything that they support and supports everything they oppose, his best lies
notwithstanding. They pay their tithes to you and the rest of the brethren from
the synagogue without a whimper, ‘rendering unto Caesar’ everything that is not
Caesar’s so that you and your buddies can continue on in your march towards
sterilizing the world of Jesus’ anti-Judaic message. Their priests–with few
exceptions–say nothing from the pulpit concerning you and your agenda, despite
the fact that you are the great grandchildren of those who had Jesus crucified.
They keep all discussion of the world and its woes in that safe ‘grey area’ of
‘man’s fallen nature’ and ‘sin’ and all the rest of it without whispering that
dreaded ‘j’ word that will bring the heat down on their multi-million dollar
church properties.

But, again, you already knew all of this, didn’t you Mr. Seligman? You know
that the Trads wouldn’t hurt a fly and that in the bigger scheme of things they
pose absolutely no threat to you and your agenda. The largest group of
‘anti-Semites’ in the world? Give me a break! Do you know many times I have run
into fellow Trads who parrot that old line about the Jews being ‘God’s chosen
people’ and that ‘Israel was promised to them by God’ and all the rest of that
hooey? Do you know how many times I have witnessed them getting indignant
whenever I mention the unadulterated brutality that has been waged against the
innocent peoples of Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine by you and your scummy
entourage?…How many times I have been accused of wanting to ‘incite another
Holocaust’ for daring to point the finger of blame on the real, organic
enemy–not just of Christians, but indeed all mankind–known as organized Jewry?

It is a number too high to count. Even those who are wise to your ways are
nonetheless cowards for the most part, individuals who will not go to the
websites devoted to exposing you and your agenda and many of whom have told me
personally that they did not want me sending emails to them with the words
‘Jew’ , ‘Zionism’ or ‘Israel’ in them lest they ‘get into trouble’.

But the biggest proof of the fact that they pose no threat to your or your
agenda is the manner by which many of them have become cozy with certain Rabbis
as of late. Some of the very same people you mentioned in your hit-piece on the
‘Dirty Dozen‘–namely John Vennari, Fr. Nicholas Gruner and some of the
publications and groups with which they are associated such as the Remnant, the
Society of St. Pius X and the Fatimah Crusader–have lately found themselves
comfortably bedded-down with wolves in sheep’s clothing who comport themselves
as ‘conservative Rabbis’ sharing Christians’ concerns for the ‘decline in
morality,’ Daniel Lapin, Mayer Shiller and Yahuda Levin. These men–blind,
arrogant, deceitful followers of a book that might as well have been written by
the hand of Satan himself–the Talmud–with its characterization of Christ as a
sexual pervert and his mother Mary a whore and yet these men are paid lip
service from the likes of these same ‘anti-Semites’ you mention in your
used-toiletpaper article.

No, Morris, there is no need for you or the others to lose any sleep over
them. For the most part, they have mastered that part of Jesus’ message in
‘being as meek as doves’ while at the same time forgetting what it was that
followed, which was to be as ‘as wise as serpents’. They will keep bantering on
about the ‘Message Of Fatima,’ keeping a watchful, wary eye on Russia while you
and your brothers in Israel and elsewhere wreak havoc upon the very land where
their savior Jesus Christ was born, not to mention on the Christian West
itself. They will parrot all the vile garbage that you and your fellow liars
spew about the religion of Islam and its adherents, not recognizing that they
are slitting their own throats in the process, as the Muslims are the last
remaining impediment to you being able to declare victory over the world. When
you come for their children and drag them off to fight and die for that vile
manifestation of Judaic hatred for all that is decent–Israel–they will hand
them over just as your people of the Old Testament did when they threw their
own children into a burning pit to appease the pagan god Moloch. And all the
while that they are obediently allowing themselves to be distracted with these
little trinkets that you have left for them, you can continue on in laying the
groundwork for the seizure of their multi-million dollar properties…

…And in the end, as you and the rest of the gang are toasting and
celebrating over the victory for which you have longed these last 20 centuries
of erasing the name of the hated Jesus from the memories of mankind, you will
note how useful were the idiots within the Traditional Catholic movement, the
very same people you have described as being ‘the most dangerous group of
anti-Semites’ in the world, and will muse amongst yourselves that in the end it
was as easy as taking candy from a baby.

The State of “Antisemitism”

Views: Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism

I read an interesting article the other day concerning Israel’s declaration
that anti-Semitism is as virulent now, as it has always been. And no matter how
much the world pretends that anti-Semitism is no longer an issue, it just isn’t

Therefore, the new Israeli position on
anti-Semitism seems to be, that it is a disease we will have to live with

It was perceived long before the Holocaust by early Zionists, that the
recreation of a Jewish State in the Middle East, where Jews could find refuge,
would somehow alleviate at worst, and eliminate at best, anti-Semitism.

But it wasn’t so.

As a matter of fact, the creation of Israel has achieved the opposite
effect. Because of Israel, the world has become even more polarized against
Jews, but in a different context.

While it is unfashionable to be an open anti-Semite (oh, just wait),
it has become very fashionable to be an anti-Zionist; even amongst many Jews.

There are no shortages of Liberal Jews who have fallen into the anti-Zionist
trap, thinking that Israel, like any other country should be held to a high
degree of scrutiny and criticism.

But to show their “real” Liberal bona fides, these elitists hold Israel up
to a higher standard than they do any other country. Why?

What they don’t realize is that criticism of Israel has nothing to do with
criticizing a nation on its policies, as much as it does with going after this
specific nation (Israel) because of its cultural and religious foundation.

Israel is unlike any other country. Israel is the only exclusive home to
Jews on this planet, where Jews can live without any fear of religious
persecution from within.

Every other culture and religion on Planet Earth
has a territory they can call home. Many cultures and religions have several
territories they can call home.

No, excuse me, but Jews intermixed my country
at gunpoint, and as
correctly points out, they
turned over centuries of legal precedent to do it.

Why not the Jews, especially since the Jewish religion and culture go back
5767 years throughout the Middle East?

Also: from the time of King David, some 3000 years ago, Israel is the only
nation on this planet that has to fight for it’s very survival from day to day.
Just one military lapse, and Israel will be gone forever, with another 6
MILLION Jews lost in a Holocaust.

The reason why the world (with the exception of just a few countries) wants
to see Israel destroyed and done away with has nothing whatsoever to do with
so-called Palestinians and contrived refugee camps.

It is all about anti-Semitism.

The world cannot stand the reality that there is a sliver of land that is
Jewish. And that this miniscule country is so incredibly successful that it has
honest to goodness international ranking.

If Israel was Palestine, and the Palestinians were Israelis, and the
Israelis were Palestinians, no one would utter a peep about a reversal of

That’s the reality of modern anti-Semitism.

As a matter of record, Israel is a net positive contributor to the worldwide
human condition in every way possible.

The unbelievable hatred Nazi Europe had for Jews was so extreme, that even
though European Jews made life better for all Europeans in all aspects of
, they were still dispossessed and slaughtered by the millions.

It doesn’t matter how good Israel is for the human condition, and how
much Israel contributes to the well being of humanity, anti-Semites will only
see the flaws (perceived or real) of Israel.

How many brilliant minds, which could have made unbelievable discoveries to
benefit mankind were murdered by the Europeans
, just because those minds
belonged to Jews?

If you think I’m over the top with this: think about the huge number of
prominent Western Universities that boycott Israeli academics, and the tens, if
not hundreds of thousands of teachers and professors in Western educational
institutions who follow suit.


For some reason, even as a pre-teenager, I always felt that Jews would never
be free from anti-Semitism. I always feared there could be another Holocaust
given the “right” conditions, even in the country (Canada) of my birth.

The world doesn’t hate Israel. It just hates the idea that Israel is a home
for the Jews whom they hate so much.

How do Israel and the Diaspora fix this? They don’t. This is a problem that
cannot be fixed. It is a problem that can only be dealt with by a military
deterrent unwilling to bend or compromise.

This is a reality Jews have lived with for thousands of years. And if we’re
lucky, we’ll live with this reality for thousands more.

| What’s behind the ‘new anti-Semitism’?

So, who is an anti-Semite today? It is very difficult to answer that
question, since virtually no one in the West is prepared to acknowledge that
they dislike Jewish people or Jewishness. Yet some commentators insist that we
are confronted with a new phenomenon – ‘The New Anti-Semitism’ – which is
apparently thriving and becoming increasingly menacing.F
. . .

Stephens’ call for moral judgements on what people really mean can only
encourage an inquisitorial climate. Yet he does highlight a genuine problem
with public debate today. We live in a world where speech is
heavily policed (
and yet you yids can’t figure out why
you’re hated?
), and where people are actually
discouraged from saying what they genuinely believe. People habitually censor
themselves in anticipation of the charge that they are defying some
contemporary speech code, whether formal or informal (You see, Schlomo,
we Whites didn’t have speech-codes before Jews came to our shores).

Increasingly, fear of being told ‘You can’t say that!’ is giving rise to a
culture of self-censorship. At a time when calling someone ‘old’ instead of
‘elderly’ is likely to lead to charges of insensitivity, or using the word
blind or handicapped can cause a storm of controversy, people have become
careful indeed about what they say and how they say it.

Matters are even more complicated when it comes to anti-Semitism. Since the
Holocaust, and especially in recent decades, very few in the West have openly
expressed anti-Jewish sentiments. Indeed, in some European countries it is
illegal to make anti-Semitic comments, and even where it is not illegal, there
are powerful cultural barriers against holding or giving voice to such views.
The marginalisation and even criminalisation of public expressions of
anti-Semitism are in part understandable responses to the tragic events of the
Second World War. They are also a consequence of what we
might call the sanctification of the Holocaust.

In recent years, the Holocaust has been elevated to the status of a secular
truth and a moral compass. At a time of great moral uncertainty in the West,
the Holocaust increasingly serves as a unique symbol of evil, and thus atoning
for it is seen as an act of virtue. There are Holocaust Memorial Days, through
which governments communicate their key values, including multiculturalism,
anti-bullying and the protection and promotion of self-esteem. There are more
and more Holocaust museums and memorials that seek to remind us what can happen
when we lose our humanity. The Holocaust is now taught as part of citizenship
or religious studies classes in numerous schools, and is discussed in a growing
number of ethical and moral schoolbooks aimed at children.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this transformation of the
Holocaust into a secular sacred symbol underpins the West’s entire moral
universe today
. That is another reason why, even by the
standards of the prevailing climate of self-censorship, explicit anti-Semitic
pronouncements are relatively so rare. This symbolisation of the Holocaust also
helps to explain some of what lies behind today’s ‘new anti-Semitism’.

Is the genie out of the bottle?

. . .

Before answering that question, it is important to note that the genie may
indeed have escaped from the bottle. The sanctification of the Holocaust, the
institutionalisation of this horrific event as a new moral absolute to guide
our societies, has had the predictable effect of breeding cynicism, and in some
cases giving rise to contestation over the meaning of the Holocaust. Consider
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent sponsorship of a conference
questioning the Holocaust: that is only the most striking
illustration of an attempt to hit out at the West by undermining the moral
meaning of the Holocaust, an historic episode that is now tied so closely to
Western governments’ sense of moral purpose and vision
it down! NOW!!!)

Even more significantly, some have sought to divest Israel from any
association with the moral authority of the Holocaust.
Critics of Israel, some unconsciously, others consciously, try to turn the
symbolic authority of the Holocaust against Israel. So opponents of
Israel frequently accuse the Israeli government of acting like the Nazis.
Respectable media outlets in the West now regularly claim that Israel is
engaged in ethnic cleansing, genocide, crimes against humanity, all of which
invite comparisons between Israel and the Nazis. Some critics liken Theodor
Herzl, the founding father of Zionism, to Adolf Hitler. Israeli or Jewish
complicity in Israel’s war crimes is said by some to be even more comprehensive
than the complicity of the German people with the crimes of the Nazis. Some
talk of the ‘Nazification’ of Israeli society, suggesting a role reversal,
whereby Jews become the twenty-first century equivalent of their former

. . .

Demonising Israel (or: Those were . . .
other . . . kids . . . bombing Lebanon last summer)

In a confused and confusing debate, where much of the focus is on what
people apparently ‘secretly mean’ and where there is an emerging competition
over the Holocaust, it can be difficult to get to the truth. However, as a rule
of thumb, it is worth judging people by what they say and do rather than what
we think they mean. The criticism of Israel should be interpreted as just that.
To criticise Israel, even to call into question the legitimacy of the Jewish
state, is not, in itself, an act of anti-Semitism. Even the harshest
denunciation of Israel can be inspired by motives that have nothing to do with
anti-Semitism. It is certainly difficult to characterise the arguments put
forward by someone like American commentator Tony Judt as anti-Semitic.
Therefore, it is possible to draw the conclusion that some wield the charge of
anti-Semitism against their opponents in order to defend Israel from legitimate

However, something very peculiar is emerging in the debate about Israel
today, on both sides of the Atlantic. Increasingly, Israel is depicted as the
biggest threat to world peace and stability. The Walt and Mearsheimer article
not only suggested that the pro-Israel lobby had more or less hijacked
Washington’s foreign policy; it also implicitly called into question the
loyalty of American Jews to America and its interests. These days, you do not
have to look very far before finding someone who is convinced of the
omnipotence of the American Jewish lobby. In recent weeks
colleagues of mine on both the left and right of the political spectrum have
tried to convince me that were it not for the Jewish lobby there would be no
war in Iraq

This view of the American Jewish lobby as an omnipotent global conspiracy
springs from a growing tendency to demonise – not just criticise – Israel.
Israel is represented as a malevolent society sui genesis. It alone
faces regular demands for academic and commercial boycotts. It is frequently
described as the greatest threat to global stability, and portrayed as an
intensely racist and barbaric society. Once upon a time, leftists viewed Israel
as a guard-dog of imperialism; these days they are more likely to discuss it as
the very seat of the Empire. Whatever the motivations behind this demonisation
of Israel, it does seem that Israel is judged by a double standard by a rising
number of influential thinkers and activists.

For a variety of reasons, Israel has come to bear the cross of the
West’s sins
. In Europe in particular, there is a powerful sense
of weariness towards Israel. ‘If only it would go away, then we would have a
chance for peace in the Middle East’, is the fantasy view of some European
officials and writers. Others simply resent Israel’s claims to special status
on the basis of its links with the Holocaust – which is why there is a growing
trend to turn the moral power of the Holocaust against Israel. The West’s
estrangement from Israel today does not mean it is
ready to rethink its transformation of the Holocaust into a new moral symbol

(good! Us “Nazis” were afraid for a moment that you had come to your
. All that it means is that the West increasingly embraces the
‘good Jews’ who were the victims of the Nazis, while distancing itself from the
‘bad Jews’ who are alive and kicking in Israel.

In today’s climate of self-censorship, moral uncertainty and competition
over the Holocaust, it does not look as if the genie of the ‘new anti-Semitism’
will return to the bottle anytime soon.

By Rev. Ted Pike –free speech again at risk

Good news from Congress! Onerous Sec. 220 of the Senate’s Lobby Reform
bill, defeated by the providence of God and the political and religious right
in January, has been omitted from Pelosi’s new House version. This does not
exclude possible Democratic attempts to reattach it in some form during the
upcoming conference between the House and Senate. Yet, Sec. 220, with its
ambition to impose crushing paperwork requirements on small
Christian/conservative activists (on penalty of $100,000 fine) seems defeated
— at least for this session of Congress.New Threat EmergesBut how does liberal Jewish activism, epitomized by senators Carl Levin and Joe
Lieberman, sponsors of Sec. 220, respond to the amputation of this arm of their
Orwellian “thought crimes” agenda? Like the starfish, they grow another! Fellow
Jewish activist Rep. Henry Waxman has now introduced similar legislation, just
as sinister, to take its place in the Lobby Reform bill. Waxman’s “Executive
Branch Reform Act,” H.R. 984, would bring the democratic process to a
crawl, not just on the grassroots level but at its furthest extreme, among more
than 9,000 employees of the executive branch of government. Waxman contends
every American is a “citizen lobbyist,” whose pointed comments or suggestions
to the federal government should be carefully recorded and then made public. In
Waxman’s brave new world, Joe Q. Citizen is no longer viewed as a welcome
source of input to the federal government. Rather, only Waxman and select
colleagues, primarily in Congress, the intelligence community, and the
military, are allowed to communicate freely with one another. The common
American is viewed as a potential source of unhealthy opinions (i.e.,
grassroots lobbying efforts).Because of such potential “corruption” of federal officials by
heartland America, H.R. 984 will require all members of the executive branch to
keep records of every call from concerned citizens. Such federal employees must
even keep records of conversations during work or at a bar after work or even
from their spouses in bed — input which might be construed as desiring to
influence national policy. These records must include names, date, and detailed
information about the content of each conversation.Every quarter those federal employees must file a mountain of documentation
with the government. Failure to report accurately and on time means, at
minimum, loss of their job. It can also mean a $50,000 fine.The federal government will then take this data and publish it for the world to
see. This, Waxman contends, is “openness in government.” H.R. 984 means the
government, which should be responsive to free petition, comment and criticism
from the American people, will find its paperwork obligations so burdensome
that the only way to govern will be by isolation from the public. This sinister
legislation demolishes free exchange between citizens and those who govern,
helping create a “big brother” police state. The government will know
everything about us while we would be afraid to raise our heads in comment or
protest for fear of even greater federal control over our lives.

Preparing for Takeover

In early January when I sounded the first alarms on radio and internet against
Sec. 220, I warned that, if passed, the bill’s promoters would ask for even
more than crushing paperwork requirements on all grassroots organizations: They
would demand registration of everyone who petitions Congress. H.R. 984 comes
pretty close to that. (For a much fuller discussion of the absurd and yet
frightening implications of this bill, go to the National Right to Life
Committee’s excellent article at www.nrlc.org/FreeSpeech/WaxmanDavisArticle.pdf)

Some might reply, “It’s high time the federal government began to suffer under
overwhelming paperwork obligations just like they have imposed on us!” Yet this
legislation will do nothing to humble government or create equality in the
public process. Instead, it will dramatically hasten federal involvement in our
daily lives at every level.

In the years preceding the communist revolutions in Russia, China and Cuba,
revolutionaries quietly gathered the names and detailed personal information on
every potential opponent. When revolution finally came, they knew exactly whom
to liquidate. Over a 150 million were slaughtered. The Anti-Defamation League
has a long and tawdry history of secretly and illegally gathering the names of
tens of thousands of its political opponents, including Christian
/conservatives, pro-lifers and Muslims. Levin, Lieberman, Waxman, and a host of
other activist Jews in Congress are all part of ADL’s inner circle. There can
be no doubt that legislation which intends to identify every potential opponent
has only one object in mind: to empower elimination of those opponents when
such Jewish activists take over, as they did in Russia in 1917.

Stop Waxman Before It’s Too Late

Nancy Pelosi wants to pass her new lobby reform bill, including H.R. 984,
immediately. It is vital NOW to call members of your congressional delegation
with the following message: “Please do not pass Rep. Waxman’s bill H.R. 984,
which requires executive branch officials to report all their conversations
with concerned Americans. This violates our First Amendment rights as well as
the right of petition.” The toll free number is 1-877-851-6437. (Toll is

Massive protest defeated Levin and Lieberman’s Sec. 220. Now, intense protest
can kill its replacement. H.R. 984 has already passed Waxman’s Committee on
Oversight and Government Reform by a vote of 20-0! If it is inserted quietly in
the House version of the Lobby Reform bill and passed by the House and Senate
to become law, I will hold to my prediction: Jewish activists in Congress will
legislate for yet another cinch of the noose — requiring that everyone who
proposes to call Congress even once must register as a “citizen lobbyist.”
Failure to comply: $50,000 fine. Penalty for repeated offenses: prison.

time, the doors are doing the poisecutin’!

Posted March
8th, 2007 by
jew’accuse!, oi the poisecution, AmeriKwa

March 7, 2007 — Religious Jewish residents of Stuyvesant Town
yesterday complained to the owners that a planned electronic key-card
system would lock them out on the Sabbath and holy days.

The new access method – which is already in place and causing similar
headaches at nearby Peter Cooper Village – is set to replace all
traditional keyholes in the complex .

As early as next week, occupants would have to swipe an ID containing their
personal information to enter their buildings.

Problem is, observant Jews are forbidden from using such technology on
Friday nights, Saturdays and religious holidays, which can last several

“They are making us prisoners in our own homes,” said Jeannette
Shuck, 67, who has lived in Stuy Town for more than 25 years.

“What do they want us to do? It’s not like we can go somewhere else. It’s
our home.”

She said she began a letter-writing campaign over a year ago to the
building’s management company.

That’s when the newfangled system was implemented at Peter Cooper
Village – and she began hearing horror stories from other Orthodox
friends who were stranded outside for more than 30 minutes waiting for
someone to let them in

“I write to them and months and months later they’ll write back,” she said.

But nothing was done.

When The Post contacted a spokesman for new Stuy Town owner Tishman
Speyer, he said that they had just learned of the problem and had
decided to give residents of both Stuy Town and Peter Cooper
old-fashioned keys during the Sabbath.

“They really are sensitive to the religious needs of the community,” said
Tishman Speyer spokesman Howard Rubenstein

Which came as good news to the dozens of Orthodox families, who
previously had to schlep over to the manned security booths and ask a
guard to let them in
every Saturday.

“Think of the
said Shuck, who uses a cane to get around. “It means
having to go back and forth three blocks each way.”

And even
then, tenants said, they had to wait for the security personnel to find
someone to man the booth while the guard leaves the booth to open the

Rochelle Neumann, a Peter Cooper Village resident for 18
years, has been spending weekends with her sister to avoid the problem.

“Either I go to my sister’s or I don’t go out,” said Neumann, who has waited
up to 30 minutes on a Saturday to be let in.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn), who has worked alongside the
community trying to resolve the issue, said he is delighted that the
end is in sight for the aggrieved tenants.

“This has been going on for over a year with no results,” he said. “If this
is correct, I am thrilled.”

Jews push Obama

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama stepped up his outreach
to potential Jewish backers this week, with an address to pro-Israel
supporters in Chicago and the announcement of a fundraising push in
South Florida.

at a policy forum held by (AIPAC)
in Chicago on March 2, the Illinois senator delivered his first
presidential campaign speech on Israel. In the warmly received talk,
Obama echoed the concerns of Jewish organizations over Iran’s nuclear
program and the Palestinian unity deal.

should all be concerned about the agreement negotiated among
Palestinians in Mecca last month,” Obama told Jewish constituents in
the Windy City. “The reports of this agreement suggest that Hamas,
Fatah and independent ministers would sit in a government together,
under a Hamas prime minister, without any recognition of Israel,
without a renunciation of violence, and with only an ambiguous promise
to ‘respect’ previous agreements…. We must tell the Palestinians this
is not good enough.”

At the same time, Obama
argued that the United States should be taking more aggressive
diplomatic steps on several fronts in the Middle East, and he appeared
to take a subtle swipe at the Bush administration for reportedly
blocking Israel from negotiating with Syria.

up his speech in Chicago and his appearance at next week’s Aipac
conference in Washington, Obama plans later this month to make his
entrance onto the Democratic stage of South Florida with five
big-ticket fundraisers slated for March 25. The region boasts more than
300,000 Jewish residents, making it the third-largest Jewish population
center in the country.

Obama’s path in the
Sunshine State is being cleared by Democratic Rep. Robert Wexler, whose
heavily Jewish district contains parts of Palm Beach and Broward
counties. Wexler announced last week that he will serve as co-chairman
of Obama’s Florida campaign.

“[Obama] may not
be unique in this regard, but for me, somebody’s passion and stance on
Israel is essential for me to get engaged in their campaign
,” Wexler
said in an interview with the Forward. “We’ve had a very specific
conversation about the American-Israeli relationship, the challenges
relative to the Palestinians, to Syria and most especially to Iran… and
I am absolutely convinced that President Obama will be a historically
strong president for Israel.”

. . .

Jewish push comes on the eve of Washington’s biggest pro-Israel summit,
the annual Aipac conference,
which attracts thousands of pro-Israel
activists and political donors from across the country. According to
one Democratic insider contacted by the Forward, the senator’s camp
intended to get a jump on the gathering, which will be crowded with
presidential hopefuls from both parties.

recent weeks, Obama has appeared to make inroads into political turf
previously claimed by the Clinton juggernaut, including red-carpet
Hollywood, which forked over $1.3 million to the Illinois senator’s
campaign last month at a high-profile fundraiser hosted by DreamWorks
executives Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Obama
has recently narrowed Clinton’s lead among voters, with a poll of the
Democratic primary electorate conducted by The Washington Post showing
that the Illinois lawmaker had jumped to 24% from 17% while the former
first lady dropped to 36% from 41%.

Obama has
strong support from Chicago’s Jewish Democratic establishment, which is
solidly backing him over Clinton, according to several Democratic

. . .

Other Jewish
supporters in Chicago include Obama’s national finance chair, business
mogul Penny Pritzker, a major Democratic donor and fundraiser whose
family founded Hyatt Hotels ; Joan Harris, a leading Chicago
philanthropist whose late husband, Irving Harris, served as chairman of
the Liberty Acorn mutual fund, and billionaire financier Lester Crown,
a top supporter and a leader of the city’s Jewish federation.

beloved [by the Chicago Jewish community]. I can’t tell you the passion
that’s behind it,” said Anne Wedner, an Aipac supporter who spearheaded
a get-out-the-vote effort during Obama’s 2004 Senate primary campaign.

potential roadblock on the path of Obama’s Jewish push emerged on
Tuesday, when The New York Times reported on controversy surrounding
the lawmaker’s religious mentor, Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., senior
pastor of Chicago’s Trinity United Church.

to the Times, the Senator’s camp disinvited Wright from speaking at
Obama’s presidential announcement due to concerns about his
Afro-centric teachings and past associations.

his enmies found out that in 1984 I went to Tripoli” to visit
Muammar el-Qaddafi, Wright recalled, “with Farrakhan, a lot of his
Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell.”

last week’s Aipac address, Obama argued that “tough-minded” diplomatic
engagement with Iran, combined with sanctions, should be America’s
“primary means to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons,” but that
America’s leaders “should take no option, including military action,
off the table.”

The lawmaker seemed to be
criticizing the Bush administration’s reported efforts to block Israel
from opening peace talks with Syria.

“We also
know that we should never seek to dictate what is best for the Israelis
and their security interests,” Obama said. “No Israeli prime minister
should ever feel dragged to or blocked from the negotiating table by
the United States.”

The speech is believed to
have been shaped by adviser Dan Shapiro, a former National Security
Council official in the Clinton administration. Shapiro joined the
campaign last month to assist with Middle East policy and Jewish
outreach. Most recently, Shapiro served as deputy chief of staff to
Florida’s Democratic senator, Bill Nelson.

The “Lebensborn”

From Jewish Virtual Library: Lebensborn
means “spring of life”. The “Lebensborn” project was one of
most secret and terrifying Nazi projects. Heinrich
created The “Lebensborn” on December 12th, 1935. The goal
of this society (“Registered Society Lebensborn – Lebensborn Eingetragener
Verein”) was to offer to young girls “racially pure” the
possibility to give birth to a child in secret. The child was then given to the
SS organization which took in charge his “education” and adoption.

In the beginning, the “Lebensborn” were SS
nurseries. But in order to create a “super-race”, the SS transformed
these nurseries in “meeting places” for “racially pure”
German women who wanted to meet and make children with SS officers. The
children born in the Lebensborn were taken in charge by the SS and it is
important to know that most of them were also victims of this race policy….

From 1939, one of the most horrible side of the Lebensborn policy was the
kidnapping of children “racially goods” in the eastern occupied
countries. These kidnappings were organized by the SS in order to take by force
children who matched the Nazi’s racial criteria (blond hair, blue eyes,
etc….). Thousands of children were transferred to the “Lebensborn”
centers in order to be “Germanized”. In these centers, everything was
done to force the children to reject and forget their birth parents. As an
example, the SS nurses tried to persuade the children that they were
deliberately abandoned by their parents. The children who refused the Nazi
education were often beaten. Most of them were finally transferred to
concentration camps (most of the time Kalish in Poland) and exterminated. The
others were adopted by SS families.

From the court decision via Wiki:
The prosecution has failed to prove with the requisite certainty the
participation of Lebensborn, and the defendants connected therewith in the
kidnapping program conducted by the Nazis. While the evidence has disclosed
that thousands upon thousands of children were unquestionably kidnapped by
other agencies or organizations and brought into Germany, the evidence has
further disclosed that only a small percentage of the total number ever found
their way into Lebensborn. And of this number only in isolated instances did
Lebensborn take children who had a living parent. The majority of those
children in any way connected with Lebensborn were orphans of ethnic Germans.

As a matter of fact, it is quite clear from the evidence that Lebensborn
sought to avoid taking into its homes, children who had family ties; and
Lebensborn went to the extent of making extensive investigations where the
records were inadequate, to establish the identity of a child and whether it
had family ties. When it was discovered that the child had a living parent,
Lebensborn did not proceed with an adoption, as in the case of orphans, but
simply allowed the child to be placed in a German home after an investigation
of the German family for the purpose of determining the good character of the
family and the suitability of the family to care for and raise the child.

Lebensborn made no practice of selecting and examining foreign children. In
all instances where foreign children were handed over to Lebensborn by other
organizations after a selection and examination, the children were given the
best of care and never ill-treated in any manner.

It is quite clear from the evidence that of the numerous organizations
operating in Germany who were connected with foreign children brought into
Germany, Lebensborn was the one organization which did everything in its power
to adequately provide for the children and protect the legal interests of the
children placed in its care.

Upon the evidence submitted, the defendant Sollmann is found not guilty on
counts one and two of the indictment.

In Norway the Lebensborn organization handled approximately 250 adoptions.
In most of these cases the mothers had agreed to the adoption, though not all
were informed that their child would be sent to Germany. The Norwegian government
brought back all but 80 of these children after the war. The Norwegian
Lebensborn records are intact, the majority stored at the The National Archival
Services of Norway


The music industry is asking 50 Ohio University students to pay

$3,000 each to avoid lawsuits accusing them of pirating songs off the
Internet. The Recording Industry Association of America asked the university to
pass along letters to the students with Internet addresses accused of being
involved with the illegal sharing of copyrighted music. The university notified
the students on Monday. “The downloading has occurred and we can’t change
that, but we can let them know what their options are,” OU spokeswoman
Sally Linder said Wednesday. Patrick McGee, a local attorney the university
arranged to meet with students, said $3,000 is the standard offer though cases
have settled for as much as $5,000. He has represented four Ohio University
students in file-sharing lawsuits.


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