China, headed for “superpower” status, veers off the road:

Bangkok Post : General news

When we discussed women’s inequality 30 years ago, the prevailing belief was that the problem would go away when women have better formal education and when we do away with sexist laws. That has proved to be mere false hope. Now, more girls are going to school and university, yet gender segregation in the academic fields remain strong, with men geared towards science and women towards the humanities and services. And although women generally do better academically, they are paid less at work and the glass ceiling remains a persistent headache for women.

We now have much better laws to redress gender oppression. Women
are now in several professions that used to be men’s territory. They
can maintain their maiden name after marriage and can equally sue for
divorce on grounds of adultery. Yet, divorced women are still
considered tainted goods, and blamed for not having enough patience and
concerns for the children.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of single mothers receive no
state assistance. The alimony law is a big farce. And marital rape is
still allowed.

Rights activists have won on many fronts. Sex workers, to
start with, are no longer considered criminals . . .

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