Antisemitism “the worst in the past . . . blah blah blah”

Reuters AlertNet – Hungarian Jewish group warns of anti-Semitism

BUDAPEST, March 8 (Reuters) – Hungary’s Jews should stay at home for their own safety when protesters take to the streets again on a national holiday next week, the country’s biggest Jewish organisation said on Thursday.

The main parliamentary opposition and radical fringe groups plan
anti-government rallies on March 15, a national holiday which was a day
of protest under communism. Hungary is home to eastern Europe’s
largest Jewish population of over 100,000. Violent anti-government
protests in September and October last year featured flags associated
with fascism, anti-Semitic chants and banners.

There were no recorded incidents of people being attacked because they were Jewish.

“We are advising people, especially if they are elderly not to go out,
to stay at home,” Peter Feldmajer, head of Jewish organisation
Mazsihisz said on Thursday. “If you followed the events, they constantly blamed Jews for all Hungary’s problems with the harshest words,” he said.
The far right was highly visible and vocal, even though it was a small
part of the protests which came after Socialist Prime Minister Ferenc
Gyurcsany admitted on a leaked tap he had lied about the economy to win
last year’s general election. Gyurcsany said last week that
anti-Semitism in Hungary was worse than at any time in the last 50
, and accused the main right-of-centre Fidesz opposition party of
fomenting it.

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