Wine drinkers rule, beer drinkers drool!

When the Mrs. and I dine out and the drink order comes back, I inevitably get served the dark beer while she gets the red wine.  We always chuckle as we swap the drinks around to their rightful owners.  Yes, the big and burly Germanic gets the red wine and the petite, cosmopolitan Missus gets the beer.  The older I get, the better I feel about drinking red wine.  Perhaps this is why:

Wine drinkers live more healthily than beer drinkers: study

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One Comment on “Wine drinkers rule, beer drinkers drool!”

  1. Cryptoracist Says:

    Both beer and wine are harsh unnatural poisonous substances that can be rejected violently by the body at any time. One should embark opon a regime of smoking trees exclusively in order to maintain an optimal state of mental and physical health.

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