Occupied Germany plays host to truth-tellers

Larijani was cornered. In his answer he talked about an “overreaction” to the Holocaust. In any case, he said, “That’s a historical matter,” which has “nothing to do with us.” He was “neither for, nor against” the idea that the Holocaust had really occurred, saying it was an “open question.”

He thus delicately danced around a straight denial of the Holocaust, which is illegal in Germany. If Larijani had voiced the well-known opinion of his own president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, he could have been arrested.

Recall that the truth never needed the force of law behind it. Truth is enough. Truth invites debate. Something ain’t quite right about holocaust-allegers.

Cold War Revival and Holocaust Denial: Munich Conference Less Than Reassuring – International – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News

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