However anti-semitism is never in fact about the truth or otherwise
in respect to real Jews. It is always about myths and conspiracies.
Today it is exactly the same in respect to Zionism. And in reality
Jewish prominence in the international sex industry was (like the
prominence of Jews in medieval usury) itself ultimately the result of
anti-semitism — of the marginalisation of Jewish life to the social and
economic fringes. In this marginalisation it was women who existed on
the absolute fringes.

Some of the information uncovered in Prostitution and Prejudice is
remarkable. For instance in country after country procurers and
traffickers were excluded from mainstream Jewish institutions. So they
established their own parallel institutions. These functioned as both
trade associations but also performed religious functions with their
own synagogues and burial grounds (and rabbis). Generally the women sex
workers were also “permitted” to worship in these synagogues and be
buried in these grounds.

The whole arrangement reminded me of a gross caricature of the
Mafiosa gangster/businessmen themselves caricatured in the movie Some
Like It Hot. In Johannesburg this cartel was inaugurated (most had
formal charters) as the American Club.

Prostitution and prejudice | Workers’ Liberty

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