“Religion of genocide,” eh?

Jewish Racism: Israel’s Kvetchfest 2007

But there is a reason why clannish Jews have kept themselves segregated and have clung to their tribal religion for 2,500 years. They have been waiting for science to provide them with the tools their mythical and demonic Jewish God “Hashem” cannot. They have indeed been waiting to become the light of the world, the nuclear fireball that will render life into naught. There is a message, a single note, heard above the discordant tones of Israeli kvetching. The signal is struck, the time is now, the Jews will have their vengeance and all the world will be consumed by the light of the nations burning down cities and storming fields with fire! Let the Jews rule the world though the house of mankind fall! A throne of stubble will have us we, your priests and guides to the grave!

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