Windows Vista home page goes live

Windows Vista: Home Page

(it’s still not worth buying yet, wait until the hardware catches up)

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One Comment on “Windows Vista home page goes live”

  1. jimbo Says:

    it’s TOTAL GARBAGE!….’Windows’ has ALWAYS been ‘a three-legged pig’ but it’s DEVOLVED instead of EVOLVED over the last decade or so…..what we have now is a clunky, retarded, hunk of CRAP!; viz: ‘Vista’…if u run a ‘box’ like mine (AMD3000, two 80gbyt HDDs, 1 gig RAM, two DVD ‘burners’, 256mgbyt video card & a floppy drive), then you will basically have to SCRAP EVERY-THING and buy what, in effect, amounts to A NEW COMPUTER!

    i’m seriously contemplating ‘changing over’ to OpenBSD!

    The Mac OS has ALWAYS been INFINITELY BETTER than Windows….even the old Win 3/11 was highly ‘suss’: it’s just that too much couldn’t really go wrong with it ‘cos it was basically a DOS OS with a few ‘bells & whistles’…..’95’ had more ‘features’ but also more ‘crashes’, ’98 was an effort to ‘fix’ 95: but: only made things worse: 2000 was simply ‘a trial run’ for XP: which is prblby the BEST we’ll ever get from them…(not saying much!…’XP’ is just an attempt to emulate MacOS/10…and NOT a very good attempt either…it’s STILL @ least FIVE YEARS behind Mac’…just like the new “Apple mbl ‘phone” is FIVE YEARS AHEAD of any-thing else on the market! )…..but this ‘Vista’ is an absolute friggin’ CATASTROPHE!

    I confidently predict that ‘Vista’ will be MS/Windows’ last gasp!

    When OpenBSD &c start producing ‘drivers’ to run the vrs stuff that it currently struggles with, like most PC ‘games’, CD-ROM/DVD-RW, printers, faxes &c……the ‘GIG’ will be UP for Mr G!

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