The new “F word”

Isaiah Washington, who does the healing as a doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy,” is the patient now. He’s in therapy for his use of an anti-gay slur against a castmate. Washington took a break from filming Tuesday to meet with gay rights activists and offer help in educating the public about the cruelty of such words, an offer the activists called sincere.Whether Washington was receiving outpatient counseling or had entered a facility was not specified, and the statement did not indicate whether he would miss work on the show.Series creator and executive producer Shonda Rhimes issued her own statement, at once criticizing Washington for his use of the word “faggot” about co-star T.R. Knight and lauding Washington’s decision to seek help.”I speak for all the executive producers here at `Grey’s Anatomy’ when I say that Isaiah Washington’s use of such a disturbing word was a shocking and dismaying event that insulted not only gays and lesbians everywhere, but anyone who has ever struggled for respect in a world that is not always accepting of difference,” Rhimes said.

She said she’s been working within “the `Grey’s family” and with ABC and the Touchstone Television studio to address the issue “in a way that underscores the gravity of the situation while giving us all a foundation for healing.”

“We applaud and encourage Isaiah’s realization that he needs help and his subsequent choice to seek immediate treatment for his behavioral issues,” Rhimes said.

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2 Comments on “The new “F word””

  1. ericthered Says:

    “Whether Washington was receiving outpatient counseling or had entered a facility was not specified,…”

    Therapy for calling a fag a fag!? I’m thankful to live in a region where they laugh you into a deep hole somewhere for coming up with such nonsense.

  2. i believe Mr Washington’s comments were quite inappropriate. No matter the circumstances surrounding him at the time he shouldnt have blurted out the word. To compound issues, in trying to defend himself he commits a greater blunder and says it on National TV. Well, I hope he will be able to resolve all the issues around him and get back to work. I would hate to see him leave the show.

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