Survivors owed billions, study says

Holocaust survivors are still owed as much as $175 billion in reparations, according to a new study.

The Jewish Political Studies Review in Jerusalem said European nations had promised $3.4 billion in reparations, but only half of that had been paid by 2005.

Only about 20 percent of Jewish assets have been returned overall, according to the study, which was made public last
Friday by Reuters.

The study said payments slowed after the United States stopped pressuring Europe on restitution.

Holocaust survivors, many of them poor, are frustrated with the lack of payments.

“Things are moving much too slowly,” said Menachem Rosensaft, founder of the International Network of Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors.

The Claims Conference said it would not comment on the report.

JTA – Breaking News

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2 Comments on “Survivors owed billions, study says”

  1. jimbo Says:

    what a crock!

    jews get a $$$trillion$$$ instead of $$$two trillion$$$…..OY VEY!…..robbery, itz!

    the ‘$64000 question’ is: will these money-grubbin kike con-artists REPAY the billions they have extorted from gullible goys over the last 50yrs?

    a dilemma itz!

    wotz a jew to do?

  2. Mihr Says:

    They’re alive aren’t they? Why don’t they get off their asses and do for themselves like men? Oh wait, I forgot, they’re not men, they’re mensch! If it weren’t for the fact they stole the term from German and perverted it, I’d love the fact that I could rip on them in Yiddish! Verdammten untermenschen….

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