Paranoid and vicious Neo-Cohens respond to paranoid and vicious article

Make them sick enough of the destruction of their world and their posterity and they will come around. Most people still have the capacity for self-reflection, and their propaganda-induced viewpoint gets swept aside with the rubble mixed with the blood once held precious in their love.

Israel should let it be known, that in case of a nuclear attack:

25% of our nuclear warheads will obliterate Mecca,

25% will level Medina,

25% will destroy various targets in Iran,

and we’ll never divulge the targets of the remaining 25%.

(and in case you’re wondering)

If you’re not willing to divulge the remaining 25% of the targets, Aunursa, because you haven’t made up your mind yet, might I suggest the Capital cities of Europe?

Specifically, the Capitals of all the European countries that sold Iran parts, supplied her with labor and technical know-how to build the bombs and helped with financing, too?

France comes to mind.

Russia seems reasonable….


abc123-Taking out Mecca would be a good start In fact, right now, the US and Israel should draw up an agreement that any nuclear, biological or chemical weapon attack on Israel WILL cause Mecca to be obliterated-no questions asked and no quarter. An attack of equal proportions should also occur on Iran for starting a war against Israel. Disincentives exist, and might be the one thing that would actually force Muslims to learn to live with neighbors of differing faiths.

Kill them until they tire of being killed. It is, really, the only way to finish the problem.

That’s the second time a mad Persian threatens to wipe the Jewish people out. With G-d protecting us, he will end up hanged on a tree just like the first one, amen.

lgf: Benny Morris: The Next Holocaust Will Be Different

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One Comment on “Paranoid and vicious Neo-Cohens respond to paranoid and vicious article”

  1. Mihr Says:

    Interesting that they talk about a mad Persian trying to wipe them out, completely forgetting that Cyrus the Great not only freed them from Babylon, but gave them funds to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem! Jewish gratitude….

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