Jews lie:

Essay: This Holocaust will be different | Jerusalem Post

The Germans, along with their non-German helpers, had to round up the men, women and children from their houses and drag and beat them through the streets and mow them down in nearby woods or push and pack them into cattle cars and transport them to the camps, where “Work makes free,” separate the able-bodied from the completely useless and lure them into “shower” halls and pour in the gas and then take out, or oversee the extraction of, the bodies and prepare the “showers” for the next batch.

Could the mowing down in the woods be a reference to the Katyn forest massacre?
Largest of the Katyn mass graves

. . . but the Germans didn’t commit the massacre in the Katyn forest.  The Judeo-Bolshevists did, then they held silly mock trials with false “confessions” in order to blame it on the Nazis.  Via Wiki:

The communist authorities didn’t spare their fantasies while inventing ‘proofs’: the conclusions of the commission list for example a number of things from gold watches to briefs and icons allegedly found attached to the the dead bodies – and all the items were said to have dates from November 1940 to June 1941, thus ‘rebuting’ the ‘Fascist lies’ of the Poles being shot by the Soviets. This report is interesting to mention, since it carries the typical footprints of Soviet propaganda industry, and even reaching the extremes this time. The report can be found in pro-Soviet publication Supplement to Russia at war weekly (1944); it is also printed in Dr.Joachim Hoffmann’s book Stalin’s Annihilation War 1941-1945 (original: Stalins Vernichtungskrieg 1941-1945)

Judeo-Soviet political officers decapitated the Polish natural elite, all while blaming it on the Nazis.  What else were they lying about?  What else “carries the typical footprints of [the] Soviet propaganda industry?”

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