ZOG rappers fight “antisemitism” (ie: criticism of Israel and Jew-led wars)

mogul Russell Simmons will address Jewish leaders in an effort to bring
about unity and combat anti-semitism later on Monday, January 22.

Simmons is set to address the World Jewish Congress American Section in New York City.
The mogul will speak as part of the “Unity: Fighting Our Fights
Together” campaign, in which he will call for tolerance and cooperative
work between people of different ethnic, racial and religious
backgrounds in order to work against injustice and promote


and Def Jam President Jay-Z are also starring in a new series of public
service announcements calling for young people to take a stand against
anti-semitism in their own communities. In the spots, Simmons and Jay-Z
ask, “What’s hot? Respect for people. What’s not hot ? Hating people
for their color or religion.”


PSA’s have been digitally translated from English to French, German,
Spanish and Russian, all while still utilizing both Simmons’ and Jay’s
voices. The spots were co-produced by both Simmons and Rabbi Marc
Schneier, who serves as chairman and president of the Foundation for
Ethnic Understanding.


Time Warner-owned cable stations including CNN, USA Network and the E! Channel are currently airing the commercials, which are scheduled to air in Europe later this month.
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