There is a “preference for matter over anti-matter” which may explain some of the universe’s biggest mysteries

Physicists have devised a theory that unifies
two widely studied mysteries of the universe: why there is an imbalance
between regular matter and anti-matter (scientists expect to see equal
amounts of each, but observe less anti-matter), and the identity of
“dark matter” – the enigmatic particles thought to account for the
extra gravitational pull observed in distant galaxies.

“We propose that at some point in the very early universe, dark
matter interacted with regular matter in a particular way so as to
shift the balance between matter and anti-matter ever so slightly
towards matter, a process known as baryogenesis,” said Jeff Jones, a
University of California-Santa Cruz physicist involved in the work, to
“We have proposed a new mechanism for baryogenesis that ties together
these two mysteries, which are usually assumed to be unrelated.”

New Theory of the Universe Marries Two of its Biggest Mysteries

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