“Iranian” IEDs actually made by British secret service

Even more alarming is the claim that the devices were supplied by
the security services to an agent inside the Provisionals as part of a
dangerous game of double bluff.

According to investigators examining past collusion between the
security forces and paramilitaries in Northern Ireland, members of the
shadowy army undercover outfit, the Force Research Unit, and officers
from MI5 learned in the early 1990s that a senior IRA member in south
Armagh was working to develop bombs triggered by light beams. They
decided the risks would be diminished if they knew what technology was
being used.

“The thinking of the security forces was that if they were intimate
with the technology, then they could develop counter-measures, thereby
staying one step ahead of the IRA,” a senior source close to the
inquiry explained. “It may seem absurd that the security services were
supplying technology to the IRA, but the strategy was sound.

Independent Online Edition > Ulster

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One Comment on ““Iranian” IEDs actually made by British secret service”

  1. nobody Says:

    RAFAEL, the Israeli weapons manufacturer, already makes a laser controlled IED and detonator package.

    You don’t think the Israelis would use this on American troops, and blame it on the Arabs, do you?


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