Iran is party to the “Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.” They are bad. India is not party to the CTBT, yet, we give them nuke technology. What’s up w/ that?

India not to sign CTBT IRNA – Islamic Republic News Agency
New Delhi, Jan 14, IRNA India-US-Nuke Deal India has made it clear that
it would not accept any legal binding on nuclear testing. “There is no
question of signing the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). We have
our voluntary moratorium (on nuclear testing). That position remains,”
Doordarshan News said here Saturday, quoting National Security Adviser
M K Narayanan who was talking with reporters while accompanying Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh on his three-day visit to the Philippines. He
was asked about US insistence on a legal binding banning nuclear tests
and putting a cap on fissile material. Noting that it has certain
concerns with regard to the recently- enacted US law on civil nuclear
cooperation, India has already made it clear that it will “walk out” of
the deal if at any point it seems to undermine its national interests.

New Delhi, however, expressed confidence that the elements
over which it has “genuine” reason for concern, including conditional
access to reprocessing technology and reprocessing of spent fuel, would
be addressed in the 123 agreement being negotiated to operationalize
the deal. Prime minister’s special envoy on nuclear issue Shyam Saran
recently said India has conveyed to the US that it was not ready to
accept any legally-binding provision on future nuclear testing in the
123 agreement and emphasized that New Delhi would agree to fissile
material control only under any multilateral framework. He said India
will retain the right to conduct nuclear test but would have to be
prepared for repercussions such as snapping of the civil nuclear
cooperation with the US since the waivers in the recent act do not
apply to future detonations. “There are concerns, of course… If at
any point, it becomes apparent that it (deal) is something which would
undermine India’s national interests, we will walk out, no matter how
much political investment has been made,” he said. 2160/2322/1412

India not to sign CTBT

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