Icy blonde Russians

Ancient ‘warrior’ found in permafrost | NEWS.com.au

RUSSIAN archaeologists have uncovered the 2000-year-old
remains of a warrior preserved intact in permafrost in the Altai
mountains region, the official Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily says.

warrior was blond had tattoos on his body. He was wearing a felt coat
with sable fur trimmings and was buried in a wooden frame containing
drawings of mythological creatures with an icepick beside him, the
paper said.

Local archaeologists believe the man was part of the ruling elite of
a local nomadic tribe known as the Pazyryk. Numerous other Pazyryk
tombs have been found in the area.

“This is definitely a very serious discovery. It’s incredibly lucky
that the burial was in permafrost so it was very well preserved,”
Alexei Tishkin, an Altai archaeologist, was quoted as saying.

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