How long will the Germans put up with this shite?

“Neu- Alter Judenhass – Antisemitismus, arabisch-israelischer Konflikt und europäische Politik“ (New, Old Jewish Hatred – Anti-Semitism, The Arab-Israeli Conflict and European Politics), by Klaus Faber, a social democratic politician, university professor Julius Schoeps and real estate magnet Sacha Stawski looks at the different faces of anti-Semitism – some of it visible, much of it deeply hidden within societal structures.

The authors were inspired to take a deep look into this subject following a 2003 German parliamentary seminar that discussed the themes of anti-Semitism, the German media and the Middle East. They participated in an exhibit, at Berlin’s Centrum Judaicum, on the theme of Islamic anti-Semitism, in 2004

 EJP | News | Germany | New book on Jewish hatred and anti-Semitism

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