A movie review: Idiocracy

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Although it’s a semitically-correct rendering of some fundamental truths about mankind’s future, Idiocracy is just too dangerous. Being that there is something horribly wrong in the U.S., and whatever it is ties in with an overbearing, controlled media, the fact alone that it needed to be spiked makes it a must-see, ignoring for a moment that it is an outstanding film in its own right.

In his sardonic interpretation of a dumbed-down future, Mike Judge has proven his mettle as an artist and social satirist. It’s nice to know others have noticed that the stupids are having more children than the able. At the beginning of the movie, this is illustrated through a comparison between a married couple of intelligent city-dwellers who choose to wait and never have children with fecund boondocks rednecks. It would be ‘loxism at itz finest’ were it not for the more-important overall message that Judeo-Christian culture’s ultimate expression is a eugenics experiment in reverse. Indeed, Idiocracy is an apt criticism of nearly everything that makes Amerikwa so deserving of all that observers are willing heap upon it.

Mike Judge uses the plot device of an experimentally-hibernated Joe Everyman to bring an average ‘Kwan into the world of his descendants 500 years hence, where nurses (and all but a few others) do their work by pushing large colorful buttons as with fast-food counter terminals. In “2505,” there are advertisements on everything and the cities are buried under trash. In this future, that which passes for crude sexual titillation prevails, as does the fascination with bodily functions, lust for money, and laughter much like a slack-jawed retard who’s huffed carpet cleaner.

It is too bad that nearly everything that could’ve been rendered with a Jew-friendly gloss, was. Although it could have been worse, the racial angle was very “P.C.” I would hope all budding film makers take note that even with all the appeasement, his film was all but spiked by the financiers and distributers of the project. There are still some interesting, even if unintentional, messages in the film. The first is when the main character is replaced at his job by a Latino. Another is an in-film Disneyfied history lesson on WWII:

“. . . the year 1939, when (Jew/Commie-ed) Charlie Chaplin and his evil Nazi regime enslaved
Europe and tried to take over the world.”

[Model of Charlie Chaplain as Hitler giving salute, then a scene with two model dinosaurs fighting in a city, one draped with a Stars and Stripes, the other with a Nazi Flag and accompanying armband.]

“But then an even greater force emerged, “the un,” and “the un” de-Nazi’d the world, forever.”

[Cut to scene of another model dinosaur in front of U.N. building. It is wearing a powder-blue helmet.]

That happens at the end of the film, as if to explain how things went so horribly stupid. I wouldn’t think too much of it, except the film implies an argument for eugenics, something for which, oddly, Nazis are especially known. It’s not too far off to think he may have meant to send that message without reading too much into things. It is true that Idiocracy could be called a live action Beavis and Butthead set in the future, but it makes for a film that is thought-provoking and even more enjoyable to watch than Judge’s other modern classic for those of my generation; Office Space. There isn’t a cubicle-dweller/tech geek alive who can’t quote that movie. For every meme handed down by that film, (“I believe you have my stapler,” ”Federal PMIA”), Idiocracy has a useful and enduring criticism for contemporary Amerikwa while providing a strong argument for eugenics.

Politically, it is important to know that our dumbing-down is not by accident. Greed and cowardice cause the elites in our society to prefer dull and “politically reliable” cogs over actual human beings, when everything is broken down to the only things a multicult society has in common with itself—sex, obnoxious consumerism, and amusement at watching men having their testicles harmed. How’s that for neurodivershitty? Their brand of forced eKwality is imposed by media masters, war-mongering “Zionists,” and defective foot-soldiers like Dick Warman.

I give the film a 4/5 with a caution that it is a must-see for anyone who enjoyed Office Space, and anyone who is in any way politically aware.


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2 Comments on “A movie review: Idiocracy”

  1. Gobblehead Knocker Says:

    WOW. You said, “War Mongering Zionists.” YAY!
    And you said, “divershitty.” HOO-AH!!

  2. theseus Says:

    Actually, I said “war-mongering Zionists,” and “neurodiversitty.”

    All that aside, did you have a point? =]

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