We welcome a new ‘blog: Detroit is Crap

Aside from being true, DiC is new to the Vanguard News Network of local ‘blogs.  Huzzah’s all around.

Detroit is Crap – Whites no longer welcome.

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3 Comments on “We welcome a new ‘blog: Detroit is Crap”

  1. jimbo! Says:

    yeh…..not BAD……but……u can’t ‘post’ there un-less yr a ‘registered’ Google ‘blogger’……WHAT GIVES?!?

  2. theseus Says:

    Well, Jimbo!, your neck of the woods could use some more reality-blogging. I couldnm’t think of a better person for that task than yourself. 😉

  3. jimbo! Says:

    thnx for that, ‘theseus’……..but, @ the moment, i’m @ “sixs & sevens” concerning my future re: the White Nationalist movement…..as in: whether to remain ‘on screen’ or vanish from the RADAR entirely!…..(read my last post @ FS88 re: more)……wht-evr: it’s still the Xmas hols here: no-one in ‘this neck of the woods’ gets motivated until abt end Jan’

    racial regards!

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