Publisher allegedly cited ‘Jewish cabal’

NEW YORK – In an explosive telephone argument that led to her firing, publisher Judith Regan allegedly complained of a “Jewish cabal” against her in the book industry and stated that Jews “should know about ganging up, finding common enemies and telling the big lie.”

Publisher allegedly cited ‘Jewish cabal’ – Yahoo! News

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One Comment on “Publisher allegedly cited ‘Jewish cabal’”

  1. Charles Says:

    Regan is Italian (Regan being her married name). Trivia I guess, but how many Italians are there in U.S. publishing? Normally someone like this would be bulletproof. Raising a son by herself, very successful career, made a lot of money for NewsCorp, tough as nails. But she committed the one great, unforgiveable sin. Noticing Jews. Better to pretend you don’t see them at all.

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