An intellectual holocaust

The video of the program posted on CNN as well as on YOUtube does not include the two minute bashing of me that immediately preceded the live interview. But the use of the term Ku Klux Klan about a dozen times backfired on Blitzer when I simply refused to just sit there and take it. It afforded me an opportunity to expose Blitzer’s extreme Zionist background, and show how the Jewish extremist media portrays me in this biased way because they have a Jewish extremist agenda. In his interviews with Ariel Sharon, did he ever introduce him with pictures of the thousands of victims of Sabre and Chatila, murders that even an Israeli commission found him responsible for? Blitzer of course is a Jewish extremist employee of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the extremist Israel lobby that threatens and bribes thousands of politicians across America. Two officers of AIPAC are now on trial for espionage against the United States of America.

More at:  The Official Website of Representative David Duke, PhD » Dr. Duke Indicts Zionist Policies Delivers Withering Cannonade

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