Nazi Flag Sparks Controversy At Local Mall

Nazi Flag Sparks Controversy At Local Mall | WKRN.COM

Hamideh said, “My response is, it was a historical flag. Just like any other historical flag, we must carry it. We have demand for it and we must sell it.” Susman said, “Well if it’s just a flag, that the same thing as like forgetting about it and that’s forgetting history. Like the adage says, if you forget history you’re doomed to repeat it.” The swastika is an extremelypowerful symbol as the Nazis used it to murder millions of people. For Jewish people like Susman, it’s symbol of hate, anti-Semitism, violence, death, and murder. “If it offended anybody and if they told me please take it down, I would,” said Hamideh. Susman said it needs to get pulled adding he thinks it promotes more hate. He said, “I don’t know what’s scarier about the whole thing, if the fact that there is a supply or a demand for this.”

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