Selective Freedom of Speech by Pat Sajak

Selective Freedom of Speech by Pat Sajak

What we have here, it seems to me, is the push for “politically correct” speech coming back to bite the pushers. Freedom of speech has been eroded over the years as various words and phrases were singled out as being offensive and banned (not necessarily legally, but practically) from public use. So-called “hate speech” became a crime. Since this banning and criminalizing of speech was done in the name of sensitivity, there wasn’t much fuss made by the usual protectors of such freedoms. I’m not defending any of these words or phrases (most especially not the one which landed Mr. Richards in such hot water), but there is a kind of delicious irony at work here in that those who have traditionally pushed the envelope must now be the most careful about where they push. If this were bluenoses objecting to certain language, there would be a tremendous battle going on to protect the rights of comics; however, since those objecting are not the “enemy”, what’s a comic to do?

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