The 2007 French Presidential Election

Jew says:  “Vote Sarkozy–all the anti-Muslim rhetoric as Le Pen, except we at the media won’t make fun of you–promise!”

The 2007 French Presidential Election — A Jewish Magazine, an Interfaith Movement

Noah Marcel Sudarsky As France gears up for its 2007 elections, the specter of the last presidential runoff looms menacingly on the horizon. On that picture-perfect April day, a staggering electoral upset propelled an aging neo-fascist firebrand to the second round, where he faced off against another wizened pachyderm of French politics, President Jacques Chirac. An unsuspecting nation was shaken to its core, robbed of any democratic alternative to Chirac and his hastily concocted center-right coalition. The period of civil unrest which ensued has continued more or less unabated, and has been unprecedented in its vehemence and its scope. Highlighted by the massive 2003 demonstrations against pension reform, the decisive rejection of the draft European Constitution in ‘04, the incredibly destructive ‘05 riots, and the paralyzing student strike of ‘06, Chirac’s final, unavoidable mandate has been a fitting finale to one of the most lamentable episodes of the Fifth Republic.

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