Limbaugh pwned by Confederate

RUSH: John in Shreveport, Louisiana. Hello.

CALLER: Mr. Rush, don’t you think you’re being a hypocrite when you’re not — when you don’t want the Iraqis to decide the problems themselves, especially since Abraham Lincoln took two — two generals named Lincoln [sic–Grant] and Sherman who were responsible for the deaths of 59,000 southern people? And since you hate Confederate heritage that much, don’t you think that we should allow the people of Iraq to decide their own fate?

RUSH: (Laughing.) Gee. I hate Confederate heritage?

CALLER: No kidding.

RUSH: On the basis of what do you say that?

CALLER: Okay, allow me to quote you from 2001: “The American Civil War was the first conflict in human history to set a people free from the bondage of slavery.” Your quote, sir.

 RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And that’s not —

RUSH: Well, the point is, we fought —

CALLER: — power —

RUSH: Are we going to have this argument, Steve?

CALLER: Yes, sir, we are, if you’ve got the nerve to hold it!

Conferate Kook Still Smarts Under Civil War “Occupation” (El Rushbo Defends The Union Alert)

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One Comment on “Limbaugh pwned by Confederate”

  1. Mihr Says:

    Niiiice. Too bad I’m sick and tired of arguing with ‘those people’, as GEN Lee called them. My people fought to free us from the English Crown and create the Republic created by the Constitution, and fought, bled, suffered, and some died to preserve the principles enshrined in said document rather than knuckle under to an oligarchy of damnyankee capitalists and the jewish financiers of their schemes. But I’ve come to realise that you can talk to them ’til you’re blue in the face and it doesn’t do a bit of good. Screw an intellectual approach, the only way to solve the problem is with the bayonet.

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