Linder is pissed off at . . .

Integration in the South:

We rarely feel sympathy, as most people get what they deserve, except for the jews, who scape whippin’ in numbers as disproportionate as their domination of the law professoriat, but I truly feel the pain of those in the Deep South who must listen to harangue after lecture after sermon after comedy bit after animated sitcom banter on their necessary liberation from the Evil that is race-sanity.

A Nation of Cunts


I’ll never forget my parents’ account of school integration in N.C. in ’68/’69.  They were Junior/Seniors in highschool.  They had no clue what to expect, and it turned out being worse than they could’ve imagined. 

“Before, the worst thing kids got in trouble for was chewing gum or talking in class.”

“They were calling the teachers ‘bitches’ and fighting with knives and razors.”

“The teachers were sobbing.”

My Mother-in-law’s account is just as bad: 

“They [mounted] razors in their shoes and would cut at your feet, legs, and ankles when the hallways were crowded.  You would have no idea who did it.”

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