I’m utterly speechless

AMERICAN SOLDIERS, this is the thanks you get when you fight and die for Israel:

Film focuses on anti-Semitism of WWII troops

Update:  I’m now slightly less speechless.  Look, my Grandad was blown apart fighting his brothers in Germany in that contrived war for the sake of these oven-dodging hebes.  Fuck these kikes.

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2 Comments on “I’m utterly speechless”

  1. Sam Says:

    Jews are a bunch of retards. Hooknosed shitheads, the whole race.

    They must get tired of making everyone shut up about how much everyone hates the fuckers. Jews are the problem, not those who point out the problem.

    WWII Jewish Veterans eh? Must not be many of those still living, since there were only about twelve to begin with.

  2. T.Kavijavic Says:

    Eventually if the jews keep this nonsense up, the people least likely to revolt will end up doing so. They are sick in the head to come up with these fantasies.

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