What’s chess genius Bobby Fischer currently up to?

Bobby Fischer is still living the quiet life in Iceland, the home he adopted after being held in Japanese custody for nearly a year. He still refuses to play chess, at least the version that everybody else plays. And he’s still a wanted man, as far as the U.S. government is concerned…

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One Comment on “What’s chess genius Bobby Fischer currently up to?”

  1. jimbo Says:

    yeh…ha ha!

    let’s FACE IT: the REAL REASON Fischer can’t ‘return home’ (as if any white man with more than ½-dzn fully functioning brain cells could call the jewSA or ANY ZOG, for that matter, ‘home’) is because of his anti-semitic cmmnts & attitudes!

    is fischer a ‘gefilte fish’?

    hmmmm……should his well-documented anti-ZOG attitudes be sufficient to ‘let him off the hook’ when The Big Round-Up starts (just preceding The Day of the Rope)?

    does he merit ‘a place’ in the imminent New White Imperium?

    DNA will say ‘yea! or nay!’….but: conceivably: perhaps he should be allowed to ‘live out’ his remaining days in relative comfort on an off-shore ‘island’ some-where?

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