. . . some quick analysis

 . . . to tell you what’s going on in Iraq. 

In short: 

Iraqi patriots continue to kill ZOG collabs.  U.S. is letting it happen, which signals a definate shift away from current gov’t.

There is no civil war.  Iraqis are fending off Iranian agents, and doing a damn fine job.

The U.S. is hedging its bets with Al Sadr.  My earlier prediction that there would be a showdown of U.S. vs. Al Sadr is off.  U.S. wants to get out quicker than I thought.

U.S. is doing a great job setting up Syrian and Iran.

There may still be a huge showdown in Basra developing in December.  Either way, there will lots of bloodletting between factions before April.  By then, a clear victors should emerge. 

Ahmadin-Nejad is losing ground in internal Iranian politics.

Turkey may become a player now that it’s been utterly smacked-down by the E.U. (which is good for both)

One will be able to tell how well Syria is cooperating w/ the U.S. by the unrest in Lebanon.  If Syria falls into line behind Washington, Iran will let loose on her by proxies in Lebanon.  Today’s suicide-bombing was a shot across the bow.  Ultimately, Syria will probably fall into line, if for no other reason than the sorry state of Lebanese fighters.  It is likely that the U.S. will try to play it as close as possible in order to exacerbate Syrian/Lebanese relations, and de-pressureize the Lebanese/Israeli situation.  One can see that now in the senseless refusal of U.S. diplomats to meet with the Syrians.

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2 Comments on “. . . some quick analysis”

  1. jimbo Says:

    the much-trumpeted ‘Sunni’ vrs ‘Shia’ antagonism in Iraq is, in fact, a MOSSAD production….’quo bono’? from blowing up innocent women & kids in mosques, markets and malls?

    no serious muslim would contemplate such!

    ‘islamic terrorist’ is an oxy-moron!

    ‘jewish terrorist’ tells it like it is!

  2. theseus Says:

    re-tribalize, destabilize, keep the crude prices high

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