Profs hate Wikipedia, kids on lawn . . .

Wikipedia divides students, teachers – News

Though is one of the most popular online encyclopedias among college students, many UCF professors detest the Web site as a student research tool – and some grade accordingly. “I have no tolerance for Wikipedia and will take points off students’ assignments if they reference or cite it,” said Chris Dolan, an assistant professor of political science.

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2 Comments on “Profs hate Wikipedia, kids on lawn . . .”

  1. jimbo Says:

    jew academicians ‘have no tolerance’ for the Web, period!


    because they have ‘no tolerance’ for THE TRUTH (which is: after all: ‘anti-semitic’)

  2. Mihr Says:

    I RFTA, and it’s fairly balanced imho. Wiki is a good starting point, and if a bibliography is provided with an article, that does give it some validity. But trust is as a source for research? Not a chance, its open-source nature means that even a well-researched article with a solid bibliography can be modified by someone other than the author to suit their agenda. Sorry, that just doesn’t cut it. That said, it is good for finding alternative viewpoints, which when used with good old-fashioned research means that the Truth will get out. Time consuming, yes, but much much harder to refute or dismiss.

    There is no substitute for primary sources.

    Now get off my lawn!! ;o)

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