Happy Birthday Glenn Miller !

Happy Birthday Glenn Miller ! – Page 4 – The Phora

Burrhus Writes: 

 [quote=Glenn Miller] Quote: Thanks for being my enemy. I couldn’t stomach you as a friend. And take back your phoney, 2-faced, sickening “happy birthday, Glenn”. I love to hate you yellow, do-nothing-contribute-nothing-but-talk parasites.

Self petard hoisting time again, Glenn. Since I am a notorious anti-semite as are you, given your mantra that the enemy of my enemy is my friend either you are my friend or your friend-identifying mantra is flawed. Logic, Glenn, google the term. Glenn:”I couldn’t stomach you as a friend”. Implied cannabalism, Glenn? Jonesing for a tasty Burrhus Burger? $1,000,000 per pound. $230,000,000 gets you the whole carcass. My descendants will be financially secure for a couple of centuries. Send me some freakin’ money and the meat is yours.

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