An Opening Shot:

All the tools are working that make posting a snap (flock), and I’ve settled on WordPress. Let’s begin.

Free Speech and the Holocaust

We join this conversation already in progress:
A ‘for instance’ on patterns: throwing scholars in jail for studying what is referred to as “The Holocaust” is a flashing neon sign. As some Brit journalist said (obviously about something else) “What sort of truth needs protection?” It is evidence a priori that when legal and ultimately violent (if Rudolf the chemist didn’t report to prison, they would have sent guys with guns, you know) force is necessary to put someone in jail for their scientific opinion–or political opinion–or historical opinion–they are standing on thin ice with me, as indeed: Truth need not be enforced with violence. This is why “holocaust deniers” rule and “holocaust allegers” drool. Truth has always been cool. Taking on bullies is “evergreen.”

Freedom of Speech is funny like that. On something so sacred, most people still believe even their own freedom of thought/speech/expression should be limited in the “Fire in a crowded theater” case. Still, there is the provision for allowing even the shouting of “Fire!” in a crowded theater: when you are describing or attempting to describe the reality of the theater actually being (or even just believed to be) on fire. Truth isn’t a defense–it’s a trump card.

When you do find out about this myth, you want to tell everyone. “ALERT, PEOPLE! free beer, free sex, a new ipod–listen for a second! the founding principle of our multi-cult nightmare is utter horseshit! Snap out of it, and throw off this tyranny before it finishes driving us off a cliff! Pitchforks are on your right, torches on the left.”

However, the job of deprogramming takes time and finesse’, yet all we have is the truth. The ugly, yet resilient truth.

When these researchers are limited in their speech despite the fact that they could have the faintest of cause to believe (as in oh, say, the fact that THERE WERE NO GAS-CHAMBERS AT AUCHWITZ) that insane chutzpathetic whopper may be just that–it is tyranny. That, right there. The fact that they are researchers with Ph.Ds in History, Chemistry, etc . . , only makes it worse, even though it shouldn’t matter what someone’s education was as that was their opinion.

Jews are content when the reality-allegers at the bottom simply loose job after job, or in this case, my blog–whatever a person needs to lose until they learn to obey. Unless one takes the “Mark of the Beast,” one can neither buy nor sell, right?

The general population can be re-educated, but the scholars must be treated in a different manner. That they must put the ones up higher in prison for years at a time over of the mere result of professional analysis only demonstrates the hollowness of this hoax, not to mention the depravity of this authentic case of blood-libel against Germans, and all Aryans.

That’s the way Jews hate on Germans–blood libel. Note to self: need to come up with a shorter way of saying “As in every other case where Jews allege something, yet they turn out to be the worst perpetrators of that which they’ve accused–sometimes lying even as they are doing it.” And indeed, that hate is but a part of the larger puzzle of malicious contempt displayed for all mankind. Verily, Jews are proof there is no loving God.


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    Hey nice site. I like the layout.

  2. theseus Says:

    omg I got a compliment from Ameenah. =]

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