Appeasin’ Ann and the "Benetton-ad Presidency”

 Ann coulter is still annoying. There’s no better example of how little difference there exists between the parties than Ann Coulter quoting (and agreeing) with professional clown Al Sharpton and Donna “we’re not going to let the white boys win” Brazille.

Go get them, Ann, and by “them,” I mean normal Americans who are only “represented” by their federal government when their own interests accidently coincide with those of this Hebbish freak-show:

Not everyone ignored Secretary Rice’s achievement. Gore’s campaign
manager, Donna Brazile — the last black person to hold a
prominent role in any Democratic presidential campaign — told
Newsweek that when she watched President Bush nominate Rice, “I had
chills up and down my spine.” Brazile said: “I never thought in my
lifetime I’d see an African-American woman being nominated as secretary
of state. George Bush made that happen.”

. . .

On MSNBC’s “Hardball,” even Al Sharpton said of Rice’s appointment, “I
don’t think you can sneeze at the fact that she has made a tremendous
achievement as the first black woman in history to be a State
Department head.”

Rice was not the first black secretary of state because Bush had
already made Colin Powell the first black secretary of state. That was
back during Bush’s first term, when Rice was the first female national
security adviser.

Bush also named Alberto Gonzales the first Hispanic attorney
general. He made an Arab-American, Spencer Abraham, secretary of
energy; a Cuban-American, Carlos Gutierrez, secretary of commerce; an
Asian-American, Elaine Chao, secretary of labor; and a
retarded-American, Norman Mineta, secretary of transportation. It was
as if Mariah Carey and Tiger Woods had children and they all joined the
Bush Cabinet.

. . .

There were two major articles breathlessly reporting Pelosi’s
magnificent achievement as first female speaker and an op-ed by Bob
Herbert, titled “Ms. Speaker and Other Trends.” Beatifying Pelosi as
“the most powerful woman ever to sit in Congress,” Herbert began:
“Sometimes you can actually feel the winds of history blowing.” There
was a major Times profile of Pelosi, gushing that Pelosi was “on the
brink of becoming the first female speaker.” (Isn’t she just the most
independent little gal?)

Desperate Congresswomen of Hysteria Lane

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