lgf: We Got Mail!

lgf: We Got Mail!

America has woken up. They have pulled back the curtain and turned a spotlight on the wretched creatures who are engineering the hate. They see the real provocateurs who are intentionally inciting more Middle Easterners and Muslims to hate America. They know Israel is not a blameless victim and see what the neocon journalist F-ckballs and politicians are doing. They know that the invasion of Iraq was not for altruistic reasons, and they see the billions being extracted from their Treasury and lining the pockets of corrupt Halliburton and Bechtel profiteers. They see how the “war on terror” has been corrupted by the Executive branch to seize unconstitutional powers and to justify torture. Torture? Are you kidding me? Did you really believe good, Christian Americans would agree to use their tax money to torture people—some of whom were innocent of any crime? They’re finding out their tax dollars paid for the extradition and torture of an innocent Canadian citizen for several months, and very likely others. How twisted and vile do you think this country is, that they would allow this horrific act to be justified in the name of their national security?

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